Half Glazed Doors
Half Glazed Doors

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  1. Ely Clear Glazed 1 Prefinished Oak Door
    Mexicana Ely Prefinished Internal Oak 1L Glazed Door
    £166.05 Regular Price £184.50
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  2. Victorian 4 Panel Glazed Veneer Oak Door
    Victorian 4 Panel Glazed Veneer Oak Door
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  3. Ely 6 Glazed Mexicana Clear Bevelled Oak Prefinished
    Mexicana Ely Prefinished Internal Oak Glazed Door
    £172.80 Regular Price £192.00
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Half Glazed Doors Offer The Best of Both Worlds!

Our wide range of internal half glazed doors include a variety of different styles and finishes, meaning that there is a door for every decor style. Half glazed internal doors offer a wealth of extra natural light throughout the home, brightening the rooms up and even saving a bit of money on energy bills! 

Whatever finish is required, you can be confident that these half glass doors are made from high quality materials. From oak glazed doors, to grey glazed doors, white glazed doors and black glazed internal doors, all our finishes are manufactured to last. 

Various styles are available within our choice of half glazed doors, including doors with a large single panel at the top of the door, such as our six light Mexicana Ely Internal Oak Glazed Door configuration. Our interior doors feature designs from many different eras such as Victorian panel doors, the 1930s doors 1 over 3 design with a large square glass panel at the top and even an ultra modern Arnhem silk grey glazed internal door

Half glazed internal doors are a great addition to any home, and the fact that many of our internal doors with glass carry a hefty 10 year warranty make the deal even sweeter. If purchasing an unfinished half glazed door, you will need the appropriate oils and waxes to protect and enhance your internal door. We recommend Treatex Hardwax Oil for finishing internal doors!

The best way to complete your internal glazed doors is to pick out some matching door furniture! Door handles and knobs are a prime example of when you need to pay attention to the door style you have. Certain doors are traditionally paired with specific door handles and door knobs. For example, a glazed 1930s door is usually paired with a beehive door knob, positioned higher than a handle would usually sit.

For more information on any of our half glazed doors, or for help ordering, speak to one of our door specialists on 01455566566