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  1. Ebonised Wooden Bun Period Door Knob
    Ebonised Wooden Bun Period Door Knob
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Enhance Your Home with Our Elegant Internal Door Knobs

At Internal Doors™, we offer a sophisticated range of internal door knobs that combine style and functionality. Our collection, suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings, includes a variety of designs like the classic Beehive Door Knob and the sleek Harrogate Polished Chrome Door Knob.

Diverse Range of Styles and Finishes

Our door knobs are available in finishes such as antique brass, nickel, and ebonised wood, ensuring a perfect match for any interior design. Discover our full range of door furniture to find the ideal hardware for your doors.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each knob in our collection, like the elegant Old English Mushroom Mortice Knob, is crafted to the highest standards. This ensures not only a stunning look but also longevity and ease of use.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Our door knobs are designed for easy installation, with most products including all necessary screws and fixings. They are compatible with a wide range of doors and can be paired with our hardware packages for a cohesive look.


Are these door knobs suitable for all types of internal doors?
Yes, our door knobs are versatile and can be used on various internal doors, including bespoke and fire doors. Be sure to check the specific requirements of your door for the best fit.
What finishes are available for these door knobs?
We offer a range of finishes like nickel, brass, and black, suitable for different home aesthetics.
Do you provide all necessary fittings with the door knobs?
Yes, our door knobs come with all required screws and fixings for convenient installation.

Complete Your Home’s Look

Beyond door knobs, explore our bathroom packs to find matching hardware for your entire home. With Internal Doors™, you get quality and style in every detail.