Traditional Skirting
Traditional Skirting

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To finish a room in style after renovation or decorating, traditional skirting is a must. We have a variety available in both solid and veneered oak. With a choice of different styles, there is sure to be one that suits the look you are trying to achieve. If you have an older property that you are renovating, it is nice to be able to save existing features such as the skirting. However, this is not always possible, they may have been damaged when removing them for work to be done, generally just tired and worn out or there may be missing components. A period skirting board from our range is the perfect alternative. Replacing old for new has its advantages; firstly, you will be able to take advantage of modern technology and get boards that will be made to last a lifetime. Secondly, you will be starting with a fresh finish.

Traditional Skirting Boards

Our traditional skirting boards can be bought either pre-finished or unfinished, so you can complete the look entirely to your own taste. No need to spend time and money trying to strip back years of gloss paint! Finally, our heritage skirting board is available in different heights, so no matter whether you are restoring a period home with high ceilings where the taller skirting is more appropriate, or you are creating a traditional look in your modern home where you would want the shorter skirting, you have the same choice of styles.

The Ogee Solid Oak Skirting Board is one of our most popular styles available in the traditional range. Featuring expertly crafted detailing and available either unfinished or pre-finished, you can personalise this board to suit the traditional look you are going for.

Finish The Look

It is important to maintain your traditional skirting, this will increase its lifespan and ensure it stands up to wear and tear and maintains its appearance for years to come. Contact us today if you have any enquiries and speak to one of our sales team who can advise of the appropriate solution for your needs.