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Bespoke Walnut Doors

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Bespoke Walnut Doors, Exactly As You Like Them

Walnut internal doors are a unique, stylish option for modern homes, offering a tasteful finish with a beautiful walnut grain pattern. Bespoke walnut doors are a fantastic choice for anyone that needs to match a slightly obscure door opening with their existing walnut doors. If you have selected walnut doors throughout your home, the most annoying thing would be having to pick a different finish for an awkwardly shaped door!

Your bespoke walnut doors can be made to any size between the following measurements: width of 300mm to 1200mm, and height from 1400mm to 2250mm. Most standard doors are 35mm thick but can also be made to the metric size 40mm. Please also specify whether you need the door to be fire rated, because the measurements for fire doors are always 44mm thick.

We have a wide range of stunning door designs for you to choose from, allowing you to select the style that best suits your home. Whether that be a contemporary door or a traditional period door, we’ve got something for every type of home. The popular Coventry four panel walnut door is a great option for both traditional and contemporary decor styles!