Deanta Traditional Wall Panelling
Deanta Traditional Wall Panelling

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Introducing Deanta's White Primed Wall panelling

Deanta's wall panels offer a great way to add character and personality to your home. White primed and ready to be painted, any colour of your choice, you can take inspiration from Tudor, Jacobean, Shaker or Edwardian aesthetics. Designed for ease of installation and with packs available for convenience, the possibilities are endless.

Traditional Panelling

Looking to give your room an extra touch of character and design? White primed wall panelling offers a unique way to dress up any room without the overwhelming need for costly renovations. Perfect for covering unattractive existing walls, white primed wall panelling is made from high-quality material and comes primed and ready to be painted with whichever colour you choose!
Transform your home into an elegant space with our white primed wall panelling – perfect for completing your interior design goals. Our panels come in an easy to install DIY pack, with a primed white finish that just requires a top coat of paint.

What sets these panels apart from all the rest?

Deanta's unique construction, with board paneling, inside beading, and top beading included. This expertly crafted set will fit together nicely for a neat and tidy installation, so all that’s left for you to do is get your measurements and watch your vision come together. With styles such as this Hampton, Madingley and Balmoral series, you’ll fall in love with the luxury look of the paneling without breaking the bank.

Get creative and design a personalized space in your home. browse our selection and enjoy low-cost added dimension to any room, all we can say is – don’t wait on something special like this, give your room that extra edge with white primed wall panelling today and get your guests talking.

If you’re looking to create a classic look, this traditional wall panelling won’t just make your room look fantastic – it will also add a timeless charm that will last for years. And better yet, it’s incredibly easy to install. No more worrying about hiring expensive contractors – anyone can have their room transformed in no time with this wall panelling.

Made To Last

As with all our Deanta products we are proud to offer a 10 year warranty. This guarantee extends to cover any defects in materials or workmanship that could affect the product’s fabric, sturdiness, or usability. Deanta stands behind the quality of every item they create, and our warranty helps provide peace of mind for those who choose Deanta merchandise over other brands. With such a long-lasting guarantee, customers can be confident that our Deanta wall panels will deliver excellent results for years to come.


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