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We offer a wide range of LPD internal doors, perfect for any home. With our easy to use door style guide, you can find the perfect door for your needs.

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Why Buy LPD Doors from UK Oak Doors?

Who Are LPD Doors?

LPD Doors are renowned for their superior quality and craftsmanship in the home doors segment, fortified by a rich 40-year industry legacy. Each door from LPD comes with a reassuring 10-year guarantee, underscoring our unwavering commitment to customer contentment. Our broad spectrum of door designs ranges from the timeless classics to the modern contemporary, ensuring there's a perfect door for every aesthetic preference. At LPD, the marriage of aesthetic appeal with avant-garde technology is fundamental in delivering doors that epitomise durability and functionality.

What Materials Define LPD Doors?

The hallmark of LPD's manufacturing philosophy is a harmonious blend of robustness, stability, and the quintessential touch of finely crafted merchandise. Our engineering excellence, coupled with the use of high-grade veneers, guarantees doors that remain robust against wear over the years while radiating aesthetic allure. A significant emphasis on door lippings not only enhances the visual appeal but also augments the long-term operability of our doors.

Explore Our Wide LPD Range

Dive into the elegance of our internal door collections like Canterbury, DX30, and Vancouver or the classical allure of Victorian and Winchester models within the LPD range. Our selection is meticulously curated to resonate with a broad spectrum of homeowner preferences. For those seeking to transform interior spaces, LPD's bi-fold doors emerge as an impeccable choice, offering a blend of style and spatial openness.

Bespoke Sizing Services by LPD

The journey to finding that impeccably sized door is simplified with LPD's bespoke sizing services, delivering a flawless fit to the minutest millimetre. Whether your choice veers towards our pre-designed offerings or customised selections, rest assured that LPD doors will augment the charm of every room in your dwelling.

Internal Door Designs by LPD

Venture into a world of diverse internal door designs presented by LPD Doors. From the vintage allure of Canterbury and Victorian models to the modern finesse of Vancouver and DX30 ranges, our doors are sculpted for style without compromising on durability, effortlessly melding with any interior décor.

External Door Designs by LPD

Our external door designs stretch across a variety of styles including Colonial, GRP, Mexicano, and Cottage, embodying a fusion of security, enhanced insulation, and aesthetic appeal. The LPD array is meticulously tailored to meet the nuanced demands of different homes.

LPD Accessories and Trimmings

Embodying 'Luxury, Practicality, Design,' our assortment of LPD door frames, skirting products, architrave, and window boards accentuate the elegance of your home. The collection extends to door handles, knobs, hinges, and external letter boxes, each element designed to refine your home décor.

Why Opt for LPD?

Adhering to the principles of FSC® and committed to responsible sourcing from well-managed forests, LPD steadfastly maintains elevated production standards. As we traverse the path of green production in the timber-centric industry, we pledge an expanding array of sustainable products, each responsibly sourced, reflecting our brand's growing consciousness and commitment towards eco-friendliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material are LPD Doors Made From?

LPD Doors are crafted from a variety of high-quality materials to ensure strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The core materials include solid timber, engineered wood, and premium veneers, which are meticulously selected to provide a blend of stability and visual allure. The use of engineered wood and veneers also aids in enhancing the door's resistance to warping and other wear over time.

Can You Cut LPD Doors?

Yes, LPD doors can be trimmed to a certain extent to achieve a precise fit. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on trimming to ensure the door's integrity and warranty remain intact. Typically, the amount that can be trimmed off is specified in the door’s documentation. It is highly recommended to engage a professional carpenter for any alterations to ensure the door's structural integrity is maintained.

Is an LPD Door a Fire Door?

LPD offers a range of fire doors that are designed to provide enhanced fire resistance. These doors are constructed to adhere to the stringent fire safety standards, helping to retard the spread of fire and smoke within a dwelling. It's crucial to check the specifications of the particular LPD door model you are interested in to confirm if it is fire-rated.

Are LPD Doors Solid?

The construction of LPD doors varies across different models. Some doors are crafted from solid timber, offering robustness and a rich, authentic feel. Others may feature an engineered core which provides a blend of stability and cost-effectiveness while still maintaining a solid feel. The product specifications will provide detailed information regarding the construction of each door model.

How Thick are LPD Doors?

The thickness of LPD doors can vary among different models. Common thicknesses include 35mm for internal doors and 44mm for external doors, although other dimensions may also be available. It's advisable to check the product specifications for the exact dimensions of the LPD door model you are considering.