Grey Doors
Grey Doors

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Grey doors are the perfect way to give your home a natural touch and an additional hint of character. Like all of our doors, they offer fantastic durability to ensure they will retain their elegant appearance for many years. Further still, they are easy to fit and allow for substantial trimming to make it simple to achieve a smooth appearance.

Our range features ash veneer doors, glazed doors, and french doors with styles to suit any style and tastes whatsoever.

Why Choose Grey Doors?

Ash is a colour that has taken the interior design world by storm, becoming the most popular in new build and modern homes. It provides a different and unique look to interiors which is why we're not surprised by it's impact and popularity. We look to provide accomplished items that are constantly being evolved so we can continue to improve our products, designs and customer service for all existing and future customers.

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Order your products online or by phone and we will get your order manufactured, prepared, delivered and for free if you spend more than our free delivery threshold. If you have any queries about any of our products or if you’re just unsure where to start, feel free to come and see us to chat with us about your requirements at our showroom.