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Essentials Range
Essentials Range

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The Essentials Range - By Internal Doors 

We are introducing a brand new range of composite internal doors, offering a solution to stylish interior doors for every budget. This collection includes a selection of cheap internal doors, that offer many of the benefits of our other doors, at a much lower price. Whilst they do not feature a solid core, as many of our other styles do, they still offer a robust construction, which gives stability whilst remaining lightweight and easy to manouever. Our Essentials Range offers a huge variety of style, from modern white internal doors, to traditional Victorian doors, and almost everything inbetween. All of these LPD doors feature a fantastic 10 year warranty, offering peace of mind that this product is built to last by experts!

Cheap internal doors have had a bad reputation in the past, but in this modern day and age, everyone has different requirements, so we endeavour to offer doors for every type of home and every budget. The majority of the doors in the range are compsite core doors, which are build using mixed materials, providing strength, without the cost and weight of solid oak doors. White composite doors are incredibly popualr, and with some featuring the texture of wooden doors, you're getting the best of both worlds. 

We have a collection of grey composite doors too, which are incredibly popular at the moment, offering the look of an expensive grey internal door, with all the style, minus the price tag! We also have a collection of clear pine doors, which offer the traditional look of a wooden door, again, at a cost effective price. Our clear pine doors are less knotty than some of the other doors we offer, giving a more uniform look to the doors in your home. 

White Moulded Doors for Every Type of Home

Our collection of moulded white doors include styles such as the 6 panel door and flush 4 line door, offering versitility for a wide range of different interior decors. Moulded doors are a great option for offices and homes where all the doors are being replaced, allowing you to choose affordable doors to keep the project costs down. 

We offer some great alternatives to popular door styles such as Mexicano doors and Seville doors, which are perfectly suited to new build properties or homes with a modern interior decor. 

Space Saving Solutions - Let More Natural Light In!

We have a collection of bi fold doors in this white moulded door finish, allowing you to match existing white primed doors in your property. Bi fold doors can open up spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms, without the expense of knocking down walls to create an open plan feel. Moulded doors in a bi fold configuration are an inexpensive way of allowing more natural light into your property. 

If you require more information on the benefits of moulded doors, please contact our door experts who will be happy to help! Call us on 01455 566566 today, or chat to us on our Live Chat feature.