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 FD60 Rated Fire Doors

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FD60 Rated Fire Doors – The Ultimate Barrier Against Fire

Discover the superior protection offered by our FD60 Rated Fire Doors. Engineered to resist fire for up to 60 minutes, these doors are an essential component in the fire safety plans of both residential and commercial buildings. They play a critical role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, offering extra time for evacuation and response.

Beyond their safety features, our FD60 doors are available in various styles to suit different aesthetic requirements. Whether your property has a modern or traditional decor, these doors ensure that enhanced safety doesn't compromise the look of your space.

Feature Description
Protection Level 60-minute fire resistance, meeting FD60 fire safety standards
Application Essential for high-risk areas in both residential and commercial properties
Design Variety Available in multiple styles to match various interior designs

Enhance your building's safety with our FD60 Rated Fire Doors, providing reliable protection and peace of mind.