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Modern Internal Doors
Modern Internal Doors

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  1. Suffolk Cottage Style Oak Door
    Suffolk Cottage Style Oak Door
    £75.00 Regular Price £82.50
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  2. Seville Prefinished Oak Internal Door Front facing
    Seville Prefinished Oak Internal Door
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  3. Mexicana Ely Internal Oak Door
    Mexicana Ely Internal Oak Door
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  4. Mexicano Internal Engineered Glazed Oak Door
    Mexicano Half Glazed Veneer Oak Door
    £104.95 Regular Price £114.95
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  5. Belize Prefinished Light Grey Internal Door
    Belize Prefinished Light Grey Internal Door
    £146.00 Regular Price £151.00
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  6. Coventry Four Panel Shaker Style Oak Door
    Deanta Coventry Four Panel Shaker Style Oak Door
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  7. Cadiz Internal Engineered Prefinished Oak Door
    Deanta Cadiz Prefinished Oak Door
    £156.40 Regular Price £184.00
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  8. Eton 4 Flat Panel Oak Door Unfinished
    Eton 4 Flat Panel Oak Door
    £103.50 Regular Price £115.00
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  9. Deanta Coventry Four Panel Shaker Style Door Prefinished
    Coventry Four Panel Shaker Style Prefinished Door
    £123.25 Regular Price £145.00
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Modern Internal Doors

Our range of contemporary internal doors are perfect for creating the finishing touch to your modern home.

Contemporary Internal Doors

For any modern home, we have modern internal doors that offer clean lines, squared-off corners, and neutral colours or natural wood grains. These create simple but stunning designs so that your home looks clean, charming, and incredible. Using a natural wood finish adds a classic touch and can look sleek with your modern design.

Modern internal doors are a great way to give your home a fresh lease of life and bring it right up to date. Whether you live in a contemporary property or a more traditionally styled home, these contemporary internal doors will give your house a fresh style which will not only look great but can also add value to the property itself. Not only will modern interior doors look fantastic but thanks to modern manufacturing, they'll also last for many years. With such an extensive range available, you're certain to find the right style for your home.

Contemporary doors can give your home a new lease of life and along with some newly painted walls, can make your house look like an entirely different property altogether. The options are almost endless, our range of doors will provide you with style, durability and affordability in one. A modern interior can also mean many different things, for this reason we have an extensive range of doors spanning from ultra-minimalist to more detailed contemporary interior doors which still maintain a stylish, up to date look.

Different Finishes for a Unique Look

We carry a range of protective products for our wooden doors, mouldings, and architrave. You can choose from our selection of high-quality oils, waxes, and paints in order to pick the best finish for your door. Buying unfinished internal doors and finishing them yourself will allow you to complete the look exactly how you want it so that you can customize your internal door configuration. This also lets you personalize the look, while also making it a personal experience.

We're door suppliers that offer an assortment of pre-finished internal doors that will come exactly the way you want them. This will save you time and effort in finishing your door, while also ensuring that they are protected right when you receive them. Our range of white primed doors can offer a quick finish with more versitility, allowing you to paint the top coat of the modern internal doors in whichever colour you prefer. Some of the most popular internal doors are ones which are finished in a colour. Black internal doors and grey doors are some of the most popular styles available on the market today and we are happy to offer a wide choice of both! The consistent finish that never seems to go out of style is oak doors, whether that be solid oak doors or veneered internal doors, there's a chocie for every budget!

Strength, Durability, and Quality

All of our door styles are built using high-quality materials and to high standards. We build them thick so that they are protective, durable, and will last long, retaining their quality and appearance the entire time. These internal doors will offer great performance and appearance, giving you great value for your money.

Easy Fitting and Installation

We know that sizing your contemporary doors to fit should be simple, convenient, and seamless. That's why we produce products that are easy to trim to the size you want and so fit any door frames perfectly. This makes fitting the doors to your home convenient and enjoyable so that you can set it up fast and get back to your life.

Accent with Mouldings and Architrave

There are a number of ways you can highlight your modern doors and create an incredible look throughout your entire home. Skirting boards and architrave can tie your rooms together whether you choose to match them to your doors or create a unique pairing. This can help make your doorways look more elegant and charming, letting you create a certain style. They can be great for a period theme! We also have variations for pairing with traditional internal doors.

Add Door Hardware to Complete the Look

Although door hardware can help create a period look, they can also be used in a more contemporary decor to create a unique, interesting, and more intricate design. Adding a creative lever, door handles, knob, or hinge can completely alter the appearance of your contemporary internal doors or finish off a specific look. Available in modern finishes such as stainless steel, black nickel and satin chrome, perfect for completing a range of door styles. 

Fire-Rated Doors That You'll Love

In order to ensure that your doors meet the highest standards of protection, we offer fire doors that protect against fire and smoke damage. With an FD30 rating, these doors are proven to stand up to intense fires for up to 30 minutes. This can give you invaluable time in an emergency situation and help give emergency services time to respond. This could not only help save you, but also your property and belongings.

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