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Fire Doors
Fire Doors

Fire Doors

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Fire Doors By Type

There is no need to compromise on style when it comes to safety. We have a large range of fire-rated doors to compliment every aethestic.  

Contemporary Fire Doors

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Panel Fire Doors

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Commercial Fire Doors

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Glazed Fire Doors

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Fire Doors By Material

If you're looking for a specific finish on your fire doors, check out our fire doors by material section, where we offer the most popular choices.  

Oak Fire Doors

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White Fire Doors

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Grey Fire Doors

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Walnut Fire Doors

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One of the best rated door companies in the UK

“Excellent service and great product, would definitely recommend.”

Kristian Holt - Trust Pilot Verified Customer

“Excellent service and great product, would definitely recommend”

Kristian Holt - Trust Pilot Verified Customer


One of the best rated door companies in the UK

Fire Door Accessories

For your convenience, we have made ourselves a one-stop shop so you can get all necessary accessories for your brand-new fire doors.


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Frames, Linings & Casings

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Strips & Seals

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Door Furniture

Select the best hardware to compliment your new doors

Finding the right door furniture is the perfect finishing touch

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Door Treatments

Choose from our recommended finishing products

The right treatment for your doors will not only enhance them, but protect them for years to come

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Best Selling Fire Doors & Accessories

If you're still undecided and need some inspiration, check out our best sellers so you can see what's currently on-trend. 

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1930's Style Panelled Oak Veneer Doors


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Mexicano Modern Veneer Oak Door


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10 Year Warranty

At Internal Doors, we provide an extensive range of internal fire doors that offer the best in safety and protection against fire and smoke. It's our primary focus to help customers reduce the risk of fires and meet building regulations. We're pleased to offer fire rated doors to suit any kind of home and interior. Maybe start off your search with our panelled fire doors as they're a popular best seller in our range!

FD30 & FD60 Fire Doors

We don’t take chances when it comes to safety or performance. Our doors are all fire rated, living up to FD30 & FD60 ratings and standards to meet the strictest fire guidelines and to ensure proper protection and safety. While many doors will offer protection, having an FD30 rated fire door will be sure to give you the greatest level of protection and safety against fire damage. This FD30 rating ensures that the doors will give you a 30 minute burn time, offering a buffer in an emergency situation which can offer much needed time for responders and potential escape. In the event of an emergency, this will not only help protect you but also your home and belongings, giving responders more time to reduce the damage. FD60 doors offer up to 60 minutes of protection.

Style, Durability & Functionality

If you want to ensure you have the best in fire protection, a fire rated door is the best option. No matter what doors you get from us, they are sure to live up to high standards of strength, performance, and durability. We understand that although you want your home to be functional, style is an important factor too which is why our fire rated doors do not compromise on style! We stock a great range of white fire doors which are a popular choice, or walnut fire doors which are suitable for contemporary and modern homes. Our interior fire doors are constructed to offer the best in fire protection without compromising on the appearance so that your doors can be both safe and stunning. They are built to last long, with thick veneers and solid oak lipping, as well as a thick, calcium silicate core meant to resist the impacts of fire damage.

Explore The Range

Explore our full selection today, including the ever lasting oak fire doors, to find the ideal door for your interior. Alternatively, if you require further assistance or would like more information regarding any of the doors in our selection, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.