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Period Architrave


Traditional architrave is essential to create a polished finish after carrying out a renovation or redecoration project.  However, it is not only there to look good, it does have an important function too.  Beneath the architrave there is a joint between the wall or ceiling casing around the door, the architrave hides that unsightly joint and also any shrinkage or movement between the two after installation.

Period architrave is available in many different styles, you can get prefinished ready to install, unfinished and ready for you to finish in the style you wish.  One of our most popular styles is the Solid Oak Ogee Architrave; its intricate detailing is perfect for use in a traditional or period property.

Traditional architrave can either match the skirting or simply compliment it, either way, if you choose to retain the natural look of the oak; you will be guaranteed a beautiful warm finish to your room.  If you treat your architrave with one of our range of internal wood treatments, you will preserve the beauty of the timber.  Over time it shouldn’t need a lot of maintenance, just touch up any scratches that will inevitably happen. 

The architrave we offer is built using solid oak, offering the best in performance, durability, and appearance. The natural wood grain of the oak looks stunning when matched with your door, giving you an incredible look to accent your door. All of our products are constructed using grade A timber so you can trust and rely on the performance (and look) of your architrave.

On top of this, our oak products are ethically sourced so that multiple seedlings are planted for every tree that is used for production. This is just one way we ensure that our environmental impact is controlled and monitored, allowing us to give back and contribute to the state of the environment.

Take a look today at our ranges of architrave and skirting boards designed to complement each other, while you are here, if you haven’t already, take a look at our beautiful range of traditional doors. Why not push the boat out and treat your home to stunning new doors.  With our fantastic prices and free delivery on orders over £1000, it is worth a look.

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