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Bifold Doors - Available Online Now!

Our internal bifold doors are a perfect solution for small and confined rooms. These are apt for those areas that have limited space. Swing doors are difficult to install in small spaces. A Bifold door folds at their centre and needs far less space while opening and closing which makes them more flexible. Interior bifold doors are competent enough to tackle all the space-related issues. The designs are very attractive and the use of the wood grain finish or a white primed finish and glazing gives them an ultimate look.

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Our sliding wooden doors come as pre-sanded and ready to oil, wax or paint in unfinished form. Browse our full selection of internal bifold doors to see the different designs, styles, and sizes we provide. Alternatively, you can give us a call and one of our sales team will be delighted to assist you. We are UK's top wooden bi fold doors company offering the finest quality modern bifold doors. Our oak sliding doors are made to measure and uses the premium quality oak wood. Your shopping for interior oak bifold doors begins here. We also offer a variety of different finishes such as white primed bifolds offering a slightly more modern variation of this practical space-saving solution.

Space Saving Internal Bifold Doors

These particular doors can also be referred to as internal folding doors, because they fold, not slide. Maximise your home space by investing in high-quality internal bifold doors at affordable prices.

Our internal bifold doors are a perfect solution for small and confined rooms. These are apt for those areas that have limited space. Swing doors are difficult to install in small spaces. The internal bifold doors fold at their centre and need far less space while opening and closing.

These concertina doors are competent enough to tackle all the space related issues. The design of these doors is very attractive. The use of the wood, grain finish, and glazing gives them an ultimate look. The glass panel with an ornate pattern works further beauty these doors. Made from grade-A timber, our bifold doors are durable and strong. These folding doors come as pre-sanded and ready to oil, wax or paint in unfinished form.

There are several advantages of internal bifold doors. The lighting and aesthetic appeal are two major merits associated with these doors. The main advantages are as below:

Space Saving:

This is the most important of all the advantages of folding doors. Their design and layout saves space and gives enough room. These bifold doors, fixed at one end, cover the least space with the help of the simple doors. As these are not sliding, the internal space on the floor is not blocked or divided.

Allows Natural Light:

This further enhances the interior of the room, making it look more appealing. There are several designs available and glass panels are the most interesting features. The glazed doors allow most of the light to enter the room, even through closed doors. When used in inner areas, these bifold doors work as pretty good room dividers.

What Are The Different Types of Bifold Doors?

Bi fold internal doors are the best option if you intend to use the entire space of the area. You can fold a bi fold with ease, without covering up space. These bi fold doors provide complete access to the rooms. Other doors, like the sliding panels, do not provide full access.

Along with this, any internal bifold door is available in various finishes and designs to suit the interiors. There are six main types of internal bi folding doors that are available in the market:

1. Wardrobe/Cupboards:

An internal folding door are the most used and preferred doors. They can fit into small and limited spaces with ease, where other doors fail to fit. They don't hide the closet like the sliding panels. These don't come in the way so you can position your closet as you please.

2. Kitchen / Wash Space:

As the name suggests, an internal folding door is useful for areas like the kitchen and Wash space. Swing doors, generally do not work here. They keep the noise of the washing machine or the dishwasher away from the rest of the house. Also, they are compact enough to provide airy space.

3. Room Dividers:

These doors can also serve as a room divider in large rooms and areas where space is huge. This helps in creating small private areas within large rooms that can create more room. These small areas have great utility potential.

There are various styles that are available in the market. You can choose the right one for your house with much ease. These styles are tailor made to meet the basic interior style of your houses. It is important to find the right type of door with perfect style to suit your needs. Some of the most popular styles are glazed doors, contemporary doors and 1930s doors to name a few - see the full list below:

  1. Glazed
  2. 1930s
  3. Contemporary
  4. French Door
  5. Mexicano
  6. Pattern 10
  7. Victorian Panel Doors

The market is flourishing with various designs and styles. Each style is unique and demanding. Different designs are available with different manufacturers. Apart from the above-mentioned styles, you may have many options in the market to choose from.

Available Finishes For Your New Bifold Door

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of styles of bifold doors, but we also offer a wide variety of finishes to match your home and whatever you're looking for. If your home features a slightly more modern decor style, then perhaps the white primed collection is where you'll find your bi fold doors. White primed bifolds offer a contemporary touch as well as an easy solution to getting your doors ready to hang. White primed doors only require a one coat finish of paint to ensure your internal bifold doors are protected and ready to hang, meaning you can get them ready quicker than some of our other unfinished doors. A room divider that is a white primed door is also a great option if you wish to paint your bi fold door a completely different colour!

Whilst an unfinished bifold door might seem like an inconvenience, unfinished wood actually gives more flexibility when it comes to the look you're trying to create. You can choose an oil that tints your internal bi fold to whatever colour you like. We recommend Treatex oil as the best option for finishing your doors. Offering various colour tints and a super high quality, tried and tested hardwax oil to protect your bi fold door, Treatex is the product of choice for us!

Finally, the prefinished options for bi fold doors are abundant, offering a speedier solution to getting your wooden internal bi fold hung as quickly as possible. If you do reuiqre a prefinished door, this is probably the most common choice for those requiring oak concertina doors.

Door Furniture For A Bifold Door System

We offer a huge collection of internal ironmongery for doors, from hinges, door handles and locks, with options for matching finishes across all items. We offer both modern and traditional door ironmongery, allowing you to match these items to the style of your bi fold door. 

Many of our bifold doors door sets are supplied with the fixings required to put the two leafs together, however, make sure you check over what is included in the kit, so you're not left short! Some of our door sets feature everything you'll need, from hinges to sliding track and all fixings. However, some of our bi fold options only include the centre hinges and fixings. 

Made To Measure Internal Bifold Doors

Our range of internal bi fold doors are available in the most common door sizes, making it easy to find and select the size that you require for your home. If you have a door opening that has a slightly abnormal measurement, or you need interior bifold doors to fit in smaller spaces such as cupboards, we are able to offer a bespoke service on selected internal bi fold doors. Give us a call and speak to one of our door experts to find out if you can have your bifolding doors custom made to your exact requirements. 

Glazed Internal Bifold Doors - Brighten Up Your Home!

We have plenty of glazing options for our range of bifolding doors, meaning that whatever style of decor you have in your home, there will be something that matches your taste. You can choose any internal door with glass panes to fit into one of our folding door systems to create a brighter space in large rooms such as a home office, living room or dining room! This wide range of bi fold door are the perfect solution to gaining more natural light in your home. These internal folding doors are a great choice for anyone looking to maximise the space in their home.

Our glazed internal bifold doors are available with various different styles of glazing, from frosted to clear with flush & bevelled glass options. If you need a bi fold door that is going to maximise space, let in extra light but also maintain the option for a degree of privacy when required, the frosted glass option could be the perfect choice for your future bi fold door.

Accessories For Your Internal Bi Fold Doors

An internal bifold door will require door frames, just like any other door, so its essential to make sure you get the right measurements to fit this. Take into account the door height, as well as the width of all sliding doors when aligned correctly to ensure your internal bifold doors fit perfectly.

The Small Print (Without Any Catches!)

Our folding door sets are sturdy and reliable, which is backed up by the generous 10 year manufacturer's warranty, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that the doors are tried and tested. This means that an internal bifold door from us will last for years to come! We have plenty of different door styles available to choose from, with varying panel sizes and designs, all with the option to be used as a internal bifold door with the help of our bifold door system.