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Internal double doors are a great way to separate two areas without losing your home’s open plan, spacious feel. A large number of semi-detached homes have a connected living and dining area, and a pair of stylish internal doors are an effective way of splitting these two rooms to create a more exclusive and cosy feel. 

Double doors can be achieved either through rebating or by using our solid oak door pair maker. Both methods are extremely simple for an experienced carpenter or keen DIY enthusiast and offer the added benefit of not compromising on appearance. 

These simple and affordable methods make it possible to use two of our internal doors to create double doors within your home and enjoy the stunning appearance and durability of our doors as a pair.

About Internal Doors

We only produce and sell products that we believe in, and this is the only way to ensure that we can carry that high-level of quality over to the customer.

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If you have any questions on interior double doors or any of our other products, contact us today. 

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