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Grey Fire Doors

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  1. Belize Prefinished Light Grey FD30 Internal Fire Door
    Belize Prefinished Light Grey FD30 Internal Fire Door
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Items 1-18 of 35


Complete the Contemporary Look with Grey Fire Doors

Grey fire doors are a great way to achieve the perfect balance between modern style and safety. If you have a contemporary style home and you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic with a large clunky fire door, we highly recommend grey internal fire doors. Available in a variety of different grey finishes, these FD30 rated doors are a versatile option for safety-conscious shoppers. 

In the event of a fire, 30 minutes could make a huge difference. We’re proud to say that our range of fire doors are able to withstand flames for a minimum of 30 minutes, giving you the opportunity to get out the house quickly. 

These fire resistant doors come in a stylish grey colour, which can be used to bring a modern touch to a more traditionally styled property. Fire rated doors are much heavier than standard doors, but that doesn’t mean there’s any need to compromise on looks. 

Remember that grey fire doors also require additional accessories to ensure they are fully fire resistant. FD30 rated hinges and handles are a great place to start, adding extra layers of protection.

One of the most crucial elements for grey FD30 doors is an intumescent strip. The strip prevents the spread of smoke through the home, by blocking off all the gaps around the grey door. Even if your door is FD30 rated, it may not comply with building regulations without these additional elements.