Panel Fire Doors
Panel Fire Doors

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  1. Eton White Primed FD30 Fire Door
    Eton Primed Fire Door
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  2. Sandringham White Primed FD30 Fire Door
    Sandringham White Primed FD30 Fire Door
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Panel Fire Doors for Modern & Traditional Homes

Our fantastic range of panel fire doors give our customers the ability to select the exact style and material they need. This gives the option to style their home without compromising on the safety of their internal fire doors. Our range of panel fire doors include a huge variety of styles such as shaker styles, 4 panel doors, 2 panel doors and many more.

Panel fire doors are a great way to achieve style and safety within your home. An FD30 rating on a door, means that the door can withstand flames for a minimum of 30 minutes. This provides reassurance, in the event of a fire, that your doors will protect your home and family from the spread of fire for enough time to escape.

Panel fire doors are designed to suit any kind of interior decor, lending themselves to both modern and traditional styles. FD30 Panel doors can provide a stylish blend of old and new, offering a unique contrast in decor. Fire protection is an essential element in the home, so make sure you’re thinking of fire safety when picking one of our contemporary doors

Fire door accessories are a crucial part of internal door fire safety. Most people don’t think of the details when a fire door is being installed, but fire regulations often include other items. Intumescent strips are essential when installing panel fire doors. This is to prevent the spread of smoke between the gaps in doors, which we know is the number one cause of death in fires. Door hinges and door handles that are fire rated are also a crucial element to achieving a fire resistant door.