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More Info on Skirting Boards...

If you’re getting new doors for your home, you may also want to finish off the look and appearance of your interior by adding some timber mouldings and skirting boards. We carry a range of timber mouldings and skirting products that allow you to easily finish off the look of your home and create a consistent look throughout your entire home. Whether you want to match your mouldings and skirting boards to your existing or new doors, or you want to create a completely unique look and an appearance by making your own pairing, we have a range of skirting options that can suit your home’s interior.

You can use your mouldings and skirting boards to tidy up your home, covering up cables and wires in order to make sure your home looks neat and clean. This can greatly increase the appearance of your home and even allow you to tie your entire home decor together.

Solid Oak Construction

Our mouldings and skirting boards are built using solid oak wood, creating both a strong and durable product that looks incredible. The solid oak wood has a beautiful natural grain that is charming and stunning no matter how you use it. Solid oak will also last long and provide protection for your wall. Constructed using the finest quality of timber, our solid oak offers incredible strength, durability, and a stunning appearance. They will help bring the other natural woods in your home together, whether you match or pair with another look. They can come unfinished or finished, giving you complete control of the finalized look of your mouldings and skirting.

Stunning Styles

On top of needing simple and convenient sizing for easy install, our team carries a wide range of styles and designs so that you can create the look that you want. Whether or not you want to match your mouldings and skirting to your doors, architrave, or framing, you can create a wide range of unique looks with our selection of styles. Our solid oak mouldings and skirtings come in Bullnose, Chamfer, Torus, Ogee, Ovolo, and Lambs Tongue styles; our veneered mouldings and skirting comes prefinished in traditional or shaker designs.

Browse The Full Range Today

When picking the right timber mouldings and skirting for your home, you want to choose according to style and decor as much as you do strength and performance. Ultimately, you want to choose a product that helps tie your home together and complete the interior decoration of your home. To open the possibilities, reach out to our internal doors team at any time; we’ll help you with more information, placing an order, and even try to help fill a customised order for you!

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