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More Info on Internal French Doors...

As the leading supplier of internal french doors to the UK market, our online store provides a wide range of available door products which suit a whole series of designs, patterns, cuts, thicknesses and many more. They are the perfect way to give your home a bright and airy atmosphere whilst increasing the feeling of spaciousness significantly.

Due to large open panels, they also allow a significant level of natural light to pass between rooms, a feature that will help your home feel both warm and welcoming. To achieve just this, our double doors and sliding doors make an excellent choice. This increases your home's value while enhancing your interior.

Modern internal French doors are the perfect combination of class and elegance for your home. These French-style doors will work for your dining room, living room among other rooms in your home. Similarly, they can lead to a deck or a backyard patio, serving the function of allowing a breeze into the home.

This level of versatility combined with the amazing aesthetic value is why French doors are becoming hugely popular in the UK. Their iconic design is fast becoming a staple of the home decor and remodelling scene in the UK.

The best part is internal wooden French doors are simple to install. Most manufacturers also allow for customization. As such, you can buy internal oak French doors that tick all of your select boxes.

For instance, there are interior French doors that have an inactive design. With these models, only one of the doors can open. If you are in the market for security reasons, some indoor French doors in the UK have a three-point lock system. This allows you to securely lock your French doors together with the head jamb and the sill.

Modern French style doors offer plenty of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Start shopping our collections today.

French Interior Doors

It’s common to mistake internal French doors for patio doors. However, they are worlds apart. Typically, modern French doors open outwards while a patio door will open in the left or right direction while sliding along a track.

Because of the way they open, you can use internal oak French doors as the entryway to the kitchen and even living rooms. Although the common trend in the UK is to use them between two rooms, opening them up to create more space.

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary interior, we have interior french doors to suit your requirements. Like all of our internal thresholds, we highly recommend that our doors are treated with a suitable oil or wax to preserve their looks for many years.

To add a personal touch, you might also want to compliment your door with a stylish door lever or knob. You can choose which colour you prefer, whether white is on the agenda, or walnut, oak and more.

Furthermore, you can choose to have your internal French doors swing in two different directions.

In-Swing French Style Doors 

These doors are designed to open inward. They are super common and come with both multiple and single panel designs.

Out-Swing French Style Doors

As you may have guessed, this type of internal wooden French door opens outwardly. They are best used in situations where inadequate space is a critical factor.

Why Install Internal French Doors

Below are the reasons homeowners in the UK are turning to modern French doors.

Opens the Space

Internal oak French doors have large, airy panels as a part of their design. These panels often create an illusion that the space is larger than it really is. The extra light coming in through these glass panels brightens the space, opening it up for an observer.

At this point, you may be wondering about the issue of privacy. Thankfully, this is easily solved by using voile curtains or frosted glass. Also, the panels on interior French doors can be a great way for parents to supervise their kids in the next room.

Allows for a Warmer Home

During a cold UK winter, indoor French doors can be a lifesaver. They can create a special type of airlock that stops warm air from escaping. This feature is especially more prominent with double glazed interior French doors.

In doing so, your home’s energy efficiency will increase. Therefore, you won’t have to spend more on energy bills to keep your home warm. Better insulation means you can reduce the heat settings on your thermostat without feeling cold.

Sound-Proof Quality

When you install internal French doors, you can finally say goodbye to your noisy neighbours. The only difference is they won’t hear you say it.

Solid oak construction and glass panelling will combine to stop sound waves from passing through. As such, internal French doors can block out interruptions like noisy children and loud music.

Brings Nature in

If you have a garden in your yard, there’s no reason to let that view waste. Interior French doors can be repurposed as garden doors. This way, you’ll have easy access to your garden all year round. Additionally, you’ll still be able to enjoy the view when the doors are closed.

They are Affordable

This is perhaps the most advantageous benefit of installing French doors in the UK. Say you’re looking to remodel your model on a budget. Interior French doors can help you segment spaces without having to pay heavy construction costs for an open plan.

For a large family, you can relax in rooms separated by French doors without feelings of isolation creeping in. Or by using modern French style doors to mark out a room, you can still enjoy the full space by opening the doors.

Security Features

Triple locking features on internal French doors can kick your home’s security up a notch. Internal wooden French doors have thick glass panels. Also, it’s hard to kick them in.

Practical and Functional

Glass panelling and oak wooden doors make for an aesthetic combination that is hard to beat. But it’s not just about the aesthetics. By adding extra internal French doors within your home, you’ll be creating more access points.

This will work great if you host parties regularly. The spacious entryway offered by internal French doors is perfect for large gatherings.

Browse Our Range Of Internal French Doors Today

One of our best sellers is the Coventry Four Panel Glazed Shaker Oak Door which is the perfect way to introduce additional natural light and add warmth to a room.

The superior oak finish compliments a diverse range of internal finishes coupled with four glass panels offering a minimalistic touch. Browse our french door range in full to find more contenders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most asked questions about internal French doors

How Much do Interior French Doors Cost?

Interior French doors can cost as low as £110. This makes them hugely affordable when compared to other doors.

What Size are Interior French Doors?

Mostly, the standard design for internal French doors measures 80” x 36”. Sometimes, manufacturers make internal French doors with a width sitting anywhere between 24” to 42”. As far as thickness goes, the standard measurement is usually 1.75”.

Do Interior French Doors Increase Home Value?

Yes, they can. Although the upfront price of internal wooden French doors can strain your wallet, it’s an investment that comes good. Modern French style doors are a home improvement feature that offers high returns on investment.

When you upgrade old doors in your home to internal French doors, you’re upgrading the aesthetics of the space. More importantly, French doors come with increased lighting that makes the interior space look bigger. If you are looking to resell your home, this can make a difference in numbering in the thousands of pounds.

Should Interior French Doors Open in Or out?

Typically, interior French doors open inwards. However, since safety is rarely a factor when installing this door type, they can also open outward. The best orientation for your interior French doors is one that makes the best use of available space.

What is a French Door?

A French door is a door design that has two separate sections pivoting on hinges set on different sides of the frame. As such, they open and close in the centre.

Each door section has glass panes centred in the middle. These may be in the form of a single glass pane or multiple individual panels.

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