Internal French Doors
Internal French Doors

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  1. London French Glazed Oak Veneer Door
    London French Glazed Oak Veneer Door
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  2. Coventry Four Panel Glazed Shaker Oak Door Clear Glass
    Coventry Four Panel Clear Glazed Shaker Style Door
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  3. Pattern 10 French Glazed Oak Veneer Door
    Oak Veneer 1 Light Glazed Internal French Door
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  4. Kerry Glazed Oak Door
    Kerry Glazed Oak Door
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  5. Mexicana Ely 1 Lite Prefinished Oak Door
    Mexicana Ely 1 Lite Prefinished Oak Door
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French Interior Doors

As the leading supplier of internal french doors to the UK market, our online store provides a wide range of available door products which suit a whole series of designs, patterns, cuts, thicknesses and many more. They are the perfect way to give your home a bright and airy atmosphere whilst increasing the feeling of spaciousness significantly. Due to large open panels, they also allow a significant level of natural light to pass between rooms, a feature which will help your home feel both warm and welcoming. To achieve just this, our double doors and sliding doors with clear glass make an excellent choice. This increases your home's value, while enhancing your interior.

Internal French Doors 

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary interior, we have interior french doors to suit your requirements. Like all of our internal doors, we highly recommend that our doors are treated with a suitable oils or waxes to preserve their looks for many years. To add a personal touch, you might also want to compliment your door with a stylish door lever or knob. You can choose which colour you prefer, whether white primed doors are on the agenda, or walnut internal doors, oak internal doors and more.

Browse The Collection of French Doors

One of our traditional internal french doors best sellers is the Coventry Four Panel Glazed Shaker Oak Door which is the perfect way to introduce additional natural light and add warmth to a room. This internal french doors has a superior finish & compliments a diverse range of internal finishes coupled with four glass panels offering a minimalistic touch.

Browse our french door range in full to find more contenders! We are UK's top internal french doors company offering a variety of options to choose from. Our interior glazed french doors are made from the finest-quality material and are available in custom door sizes to suit all your requirements. Your shopping for beautiful internal french doors starts here.

If you're looking for alternative French interior doors, then perhaps our Pattern 10 French Glazed Oak Veneer Door will take your fancy with its classic French design including a single frame, single glass panel which is perfect for lightening your home. We alos have a selection of contemporary style grey french doors, which are perfect for creating a consistent finish throughout a modern home. 

French Door Ironmongery

We have a wide range of door furniture for your new internal french doors, offering various styles and finishes, allowing you to create a consistent finish throughout your entire home. If your internal french doors are functioning as room dividers, you may require 2 sets of ironmongery, including door handles, hinges and locks. Why not take a look at our hardware packages, to allow you to make some savings! We have a range of styles such as beehive door knobs, as well as contemporary internal handles, offering that perfect finishing touch to your internal double doors. Filter products by various factors to find the exact items you're looking for to complete your living space. 

Wood Accessories For French Doors

Once you've installed your new internal french door pair, it's likely that you'll want to match your other internal woodwork to this new set of doors. Whether you opt for white primed doors, walnut doors, solid oak doors or an engineered oak veneered door, we have matching skirting packs and architrave to match! We offer door frames, lining options and plenty of other items, in a variety of finishes, easily matching your french doors to other woodwork. Remember that you may require our oak door pair maker to turn two separate internal doors into a set of internal french double doors, made from solid oak and perfect to make a door pair!

How To Treat French Doors

We recommend that all our unfinished french doors are treated appropriately before hanging, and we do have preferred products for this! We recommend that all our customers use Treatex Hardwax Oils to enhance and protect their unfinished french doors. Interior french doors made from solid oak or oak veneer can be tinted with our Treatex Colour Tones allowing you to achieve your perfect finish!

Glazing Styles For French Doors

A set of internal french doors are a great way to brighten up rooms in your home that may be suffering from a lack of lighting. Creating an open plan living space layout is easy to achieve with our range of full lite internal french doors, featuring clear glass to maximise the amount of light flowing through the home. Whether it be living room to dining room or dining room to kitchen, door pairs and even folding doors are a great way to perfect your interior design! We also offer frosted glazing options, giving a little bit more privacy to rooms like the utility, which need more light, but you may not necessarily want people to get a full view of! Clear glass is the obvious choice for most homes, but a obscured glass door could also work well in offices, letting plenty of light into rooms, without sacrificing confidentiality!

Here at Internal Doors we might offer a massive selection of products, but we do not compromise on quality. With competitive prices across the board and a glowing customer satisfaction record there has never been a better time to shop with us.

If you're still not sure then don't hesitate to get in touch. Our expertise will help find the right door for you. Whether you're looking for classic or modern styles, retro or lites then we are the company for you. Our massive range of doors will ensure that we won't compromise on your vision for your perfect home. Don't forget that we also offer external hardwood clear glass doors, perfect to use as patio doors! You can choose a door pair, have them fitted together, to create stylish patio doors, offering a smooth flow from interior to exterior. 

More Info

No matter what you're using your new internal double doors for, whether it be as a single door, a room divider, or an external door, there are huge benefits to installing this style of door!

We have plenty of door sizes available, meaning that whatever sized door opening you have, we're sure you'll be able to find a door pair or even a single internal french door to fit! Don't panic if none of our sizes fit exactly, many of our doors feature a generous trim allowance, meaning you can plane down the doors to get the correct size. Alternatively, we also offer a bespoke service, allowing customers to have their french door of choice built to their exact measurements!

If you'd like to speak to a member of the sales team then get in touch, call us or email at [email protected]

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