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  1. Seville Pre-Finished Oak Fire Door
    Seville Pre-Finished Oak Fire Door
    FROM £144.45 Regular Price £160.50
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  2. Seville Primed Fire Door
    Seville Primed Fire Door
    FROM £140.50
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  3. Seville Prefinished Glazed Oak Fire Door
    Seville Prefinished Glazed Oak Fire Door
    FROM £559.80 Regular Price £622.00
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Palermo Fire Doors – Stylish Safety for Your Home

Embrace the blend of Italian design and modern safety with our Palermo Fire Doors. These doors, inspired by the elegant and timeless Italian style, offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they are built to provide significant protection against fire, meeting today’s rigorous safety standards.

With their distinctive design, these doors can transform any room, adding a touch of European sophistication while ensuring the safety of your home. Whether you are updating your current interior or completing a new build, the Palermo Fire Doors are an excellent choice for those who value both style and safety.

Feature Description
Application Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, offering style and safety
Fire Safety Engineered to provide optimal fire resistance, complying with safety regulations
Design Italian-inspired, with a modern touch, suitable for a range of interior themes

Explore the safety and sophistication of our Palermo Fire Doors, combining Italian elegance with essential fire protection.