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More Info on Architrave...


If you’re already looking for a new door, this may be a great time to consider getting architrave as well. It can make for an incredible look that flows through the rest of your home and give your door an attractive frame. It increases the elegance and intricacy of the door, allowing you to create a unique and sophisticated look.

Architrave can be used to create a smooth and seamless transition between your door and the rest of your home, creating a unique and elegant design. You can use it to connect your moulding and skirting to your door, developing a consistent look throughout your home. Architrave can add a stunning touch to the inside of your home, elevating the decor of your interior.

Only the Best Timber

The architrave we offer is built using solid oak, offering the best in performance, durability, and appearance. The natural wood grain of the oak looks stunning when matched with your door, giving you an incredible look to accent your door. All of our products are constructed using grade A timber so you can trust and rely on the performance (and look) of your architrave.

On top of this, our oak products are ethically sourced so that multiple seedlings are planted for every tree that is used for production. This is just one way we ensure that our environmental impact is controlled and monitored, allowing us to give back and contribute to the state of the environment.

Simple & Efficient Fitting

Our selection of doors can be easily fitted to the size necessary for your frame. Since we use grade A cuts of timber, our doors are extremely versatile and can be easily trimmed to fit the size you want. Our doors are thick and full sized so that you can trim them to the specifications you’d like, making sure you’re satisfied with the fitting of your door.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks about sizing your door, check out our blog. It has a number of helpful guides and advice for using and displaying your doors and architrave to get the best results.

Fancy Finishes

Our products can come pre-finished or unfinished so that you can create your own look and choose your own protective coating. Since natural wood grain can potentially be damaged and warped when exposed to moisture, it is best to get some sort of protective coating to finish your door with. This helps protect the door from wear and tear, weather damage, and moisture damage.

The natural wood is already strong, durable, and stunning to look at. By adding a quality protective finish, you will ensure that it remains durable over time and stands up to potential wear and tear. At the same time, you can create a unique, creative finish for your door.


Here at Internal Doors, we have a range of styles so that you can always find an architrave that suits your home, matches your doors, and completes the decor of your interior. Our products are built using solid oak wood, ensuring that they are made of the highest quality wood in terms of both performance and appearance. We have products that come in multiple styles - Bullnose, Chamfer, Ogee, and Torus - so that you can match it to your interior design.

We also have veneered products that are built with a solid oak base. These can come in either Traditional or Shaker style and are prefinished so you know they will last long and remain durable.

Match with Our Timber Mouldings and Skirting

To create a complete and full look throughout your entire home, consider matching your architrave with our timber mouldings and skirting products. By matching your door, architrave, and moulding and skirting, you’ll create a complete look that is consistent throughout your home. This allows you to spread the unique appearance you want throughout your home and establish a themed appearance.

Choosing the Best Architrave

Picking the architrave that is best for your home will largely depend on the style and appearance that you are trying to achieve or match. With our trusted solid oak products, you will never go wrong with the level of performance and durability our products offer. Open the possibilities with Internal Doors; check out our selection and make an order today!

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