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How Energy Efficient Are Your Doors?

Energy efficient doors are a way to make your home more efficient and even greener. If you’re aware of the latest developments in climate change and global warming, you know that we need to reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable if we want to save the planet. You can kickstart your efficient, green journey with your doors!

In 2010, a legislation which specified that all new replacement composite doors must have a U value rating of no more than 1.8W/m2K was introduced. Although this does only apply to composite doors, it’s worth evaluating the U value of your external doors regardless of material. This is because it determines how much heat is lost and therefore tells you how well insulated your doors actually are.

Many sustainable new homes that are built today must be exceptionally good at creating a seal between the outside and the inside, so doors need to be fit tightly to reach their full potential of keeping heat inside the home. Do you know how energy efficient your doors actually are and how many benefits they provide all throughout your home?

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How To Know If Your Door Isn’t Energy Efficient?

Old age – If your door is old and worn, there is a high chance it’s leaking air through, which leads to heat loss and increased energy bills to keep rooms warm!
If your door hasn’t been insulated properly – you should always check insulation for your door
If they’re sealed incorrectly – this causes air to leak through which again, does not help energy bills in your home
Increase in energy bills – an increase in your energy bills is a huge indicator that maybe insulation throughout your home isn’t as effective as you had thought

How To Choose An Energy Efficient Door?

Choosing an energy efficient door can be a quick and easy process if you look at technical specifications, whether this is for your external door or internal door. Improve the performance of your home by looking at the following:

Glazing – If you’re choosing a door which is glazed, always ensure it’s double glazed – double the protection. You can make your home extra warm and extra secure, reducing draughts and cold spots.

U Value – A U value is an energy efficiency assessment that is carried out throughout the home. All elements that contribute to the efficiency include doors and windows. The lower the U value, the more energy efficient the door is.

Advice – If you’re unsure on what type of door is best for your home and it’s efficiency, get in touch with us for advice. We understand choosing a door is an investment for your home and you need to get it right the first time.

Save With Energy Efficient Doors

You can save a significant amount with energy efficient doors. This is because your home will be able to retain more heat, which leads to quite a positive impact on your heating bills. Energy efficient doors are a long term but sound investment which leads to financial savings in the future. Not only do they enhance the performance of your home, but they add value to your property too!

To reduce other cold spots throughout the home, draught proofing is a popular task to overcome such problems. This not only applies to the door’s frame, but to any openings where you’re losing heat as well. It is estimated that by installing draught-proofing measures, it could save a property £60 per year on heating bills. Draught excluders are effective and give your home the extra protection from cold seeping in and taking the hot air out!

At Internal Doors, we provide a range of exceptional external doors that not only boast style and elegance but reliability and comfort too. You can choose from a variety of glazing style options, thickness, construction and more. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us if you require assistance in finding the perfect door that offers efficiency like no other.

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