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Veneered Oak Doors - What are the Benefits?

Benefits of Veneered Oak Doors

A few good reasons to buy veneered oak doors are: low maintenance, comparatively low cost and the high quality they offer.  These doors can be cleaned with a damp cloth without damaging the door. There are so many styles available with numerous finishes and looks available. Internal Doors are a premier supplier of veneered oak doors providing excellent customer service, fast delivery and offering a great range of products for your home. Internal Doors offer a very wide range of internal doors and external doors alike.


Some veneered oak doors can be supplied ready finished and instantly ready to be hung with little or no hassle. However, many veneered doors are supplied unfinished and will need to be finished/treated at home. A water based finish is recommended for many veneered oak doors (always check the instructions before setting about treating your doors!).

Choosing an external engineered door can outweigh the benefits of buying a solid wood door. Veneered oak doors are strong and do not expand or contract like solid wood doors under various weather conditions and they remain consistent and do not warp or change over time.  Because engineered doors go through a manufacturing process – they can be seen as a more sustainable product - and we could say we are doing our bit for the climate.

As with so many things, it will very often simply come down to personal taste. Some people prefer solid oak doors and would not even consider purchasing veneered doors. For others, veneered oak doors make much more sense both financially and aesthetically (and from a 'low maintenance' perspective). Whatever you prefer, we are confident you will find your perfect door here at If you can't find what you're looking for then why not contact us? We'd love to hear from you!