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The Difference Between Pre-Finished & Unfinished Doors?

When it comes to looking for new internal and external doors to be installed in our homes, we require full specifications, door styles, materials, types of finishes and pretty much any other information that could help us before making an informed decision. It can be a daunting process but with the right guides and advice, it can be easy peasy. One of the most common questions asked is “what is the difference between pre-finished and unfinished doors?” Pre-finished doors and unfinished doors both have their strengths and weaknesses and the decision will be dependent on many different factors, the most important one being one that best fits your needs.

What is a Pre-Finished Door?

Apart from being quite self-explanatory, a pre-finished wooden door is one that’s already been prepared for installation. This essentially means paint, varnish, wax or whatever you’re desired finish is, has already been installed at a factory level standard. Once the door has been oiled and painted, you can then pick the right ironmongery for it and have it up in very little time.

Pre-finished doors are usually easier to deal with when it comes to the installation process and when it comes to time. For those reasons alone, it makes it more of a smart and convenient option for those who tend to not have enough time to customise doors, choose paint colours and so on. The most common materials used for pre-finished doors are metal, vinyl and wood. Here’s a fun fact: many doors are not made entirely from a given sort of material. In these cases, it’s possible to see that beneath the surface the door is built from a variety of wood, metal and plastics. This combination has proven very successful over recent years as it ensures good insulation and reduces costs.

What Pre-Finished Internal Doors Do We Recommend?

Deanta Coventry Oak Fire Door Pre-finished Deanta Coventry Prefinished Oak Fire Door The Deanta Coventry Oak Fire Door acts a 2 in 1 and we couldn’t not include it in our list of recommendations, it’s just too good to miss! Featuring FSC certified real American white oak veneer and an FD30 fire rating, it’s pre-finished and will protect you from fire for up to 30 minutes. It’s a bold, modern design that is most suited to contemporary styled rooms.

Valencia Glazed Prefinished Walnut Door Our Valencia Glazed Door in Walnut is cost effective and crafted to perfection. Featuring clear gazing and a modern, contemporary style that provides a unique look and feel to any room within a home.

What is an Unfinished Door?

Now that you know what a prefinished door is, it won’t be too difficult to figure out what is meant by an unfinished door. It is essentially a door that is designed to be finished by or on behalf of the end user/customer. Only wooden doors require a finish, so it offers additional flexibility and customisation if you would like a door in a specific colour.

While unfinished doors allow you to have some freedom with your purchase, it can be quite tricky and time consuming if you are finishing the door yourself. All unfinished doors are pre-sanded and an oil or an oil based paint is chosen. The process usually requires a rub down, slight sanding and then an application of several coats as well as a top coat to finish the door off. Ideally this should be done while it’s lying flat as it significantly helps build an even coating and avoids potential spills and drips.

What unfinished internal doors do we recommend?

Mexicana Internal Engineered Primed White Door A popular favourite in the UK is the Mexicana Internal Engineered Primed White Door. It’s beautiful appearance fits contemporary and traditional room designs. As an unfinished door, it’s ready for you to top coat in any colour to suit your interior. This is one of our favourites as it provides style and class at an affordable cost.

Idaho Three Panel Oak Door Who doesn’t love a panel door? Or oak for that matter? This Three Panel Oak Door provides a bold, rustic and sophisticated style. The oak is made from a strong engineered oak construction and if you’re looking to renew all doors in your household, there is a glazed version named the Utah Door. It’s never wrong to mix and match!

Which one is best?

It’s worth considering all of the advantages and disadvantages of each door you come across. Durability, style and costs are the three main factors that will contribute to your final decision, however it all depends on your lifestyle and your household interior. There’s no right or wrong door to go for but we hope at Internal Doors we have given you a few insights and tips to help with your door hunt. You can browse through our internal doors page or external doors for more information or alternatively contact us!