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Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Doors

To most of us, the door is just a gateway devised to protect us from the elements and enable us to be shut away from everything dangerous and unwholesome. Our doors are faithful companions through everything; they’ve seen the ups and downs and they bear the brunt of anger when they’re kicked and slammed. Doors have a lifespan and often need to be replaced, but just because they aren’t up to doing their original job anymore, it doesn’t mean they can’t find another niche elsewhere – after all, who doesn’t love a good upcycling DIY project? What could be better than taking something nearing the end of its lifespan and giving it a new lease of life by turning into something that is not only great to look at, but useful too? Door Corner Shelf

 This invention is a great display area for social areas such as living rooms and would be great for vases, ornaments or awards to be proudly shown off. It would also be great to store books or in the kitchen for pots and pans or spices.

Using an older door can give any room some character with a rustic, period appearance. Coffee Table Door Turning your old door into a coffee table can be a small project or something more extravagant – the choice is all yours. You may wish to seal and paint the door, affix them to a stable block of wood and leave it at that. Others may want to take it a step further and create something with a bit more personality.  Sanding down your old internal doors will give them a new look, and with numerous paints and stains available, you are sure to be able to find the finish you desire.

 Door Headboard

The bed is the focal point for any bedroom and a uniquely featured headboard can create the finish you’ve been searching for. The doors can be trimmed and moulded in any which way you desire; featuring plinths and shelves. There are a huge array of waxes, varnishes, oils and stains which you can use to give your old doors a complete makeover. However, you choose to design your headboard ensure that it is securely fastened. Mirrored Doors                   One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to transform old internal doors and in fact, an entire room, is to fit mirrors. Mirrored surfaces bring light to a room and create an illusion of space and expanse. There aren’t really any hard and fast rules as to where these doors could go. Whether you’re using it as the door to a wardrobe or to another room, using mirrors will completely transform the whole space for the better.

Sliding Doors

This is perhaps one of the easiest options we have on our list and is a great choice for absolute maximum impact. The door can be painted and treated in any way you like and can be trimmed down to fit the door frame. Fitting your old doors to sliding rails can bring a very European feel to any room and will add a unique dynamic. Internal sliding doors are becoming much more popular and a more rustic door will embrace the industrial looking rail track rather than trying to conceal it.   Upcycling can be a great way to save money and reinvent your home and even your garden on a budget. Refurbishing furniture can be as expensive or as time-consuming as you make it; your DIY competence will determine how far you wish to go with your projects. Starting a DIY calendar and working on smaller projects and building your way up to bigger pieces is a great way to start upcycling and is a way of saving money and preventing waste. If you’re looking to give your home a little TLC by replacing old doors, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at our Lutterworth showroom.