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Bifold Doors: The Latest In Space Saving

Maximising space within the home has become quite essential, especially due to the increase in property prices. This ultimately means the amount of space we get for our money is not as much as we would like, and so if we could time travel back to the 1970s and purchase a house for less than £10,000, I think we’d be more than happy!

Back to reality though, there are various things that we can do in our homes to ensure we’re maximising every inch of space we have. From choosing multi-purpose furniture, to bifold doors and using neutral colours. The latest in space saving is of course, the magic of bifold doors which is what we’ll be focusing on throughout this article. So, what are they and how do they save space?

What Are Bifold Doors?

Internal bifold doors are ideal for small rooms where space is quite limited. It is known as a sliding door and is made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall. They make exceptional alternatives to traditional French doors or other sliding door designs which are better suited to open and larger living spaces.

We understand that choosing the right bifold doors can be quite difficult, especially if you’re searching for some as a finishing touch to your new home – let’s see if we can make the decision-making process a little easier for you.

How Do Bifold Doors Save Space?

Space Saving
When in action, bifold doors fold up against each other when they are opened. With this type of folding action, it means that the door only requires half the opening space compared with that of a standard door.

They are most popular in small rooms, storage spaces, bathrooms and en-suites. Typically, bifold doors are undersized in order to fit into standard sized doorways. This means it’s more convenient and much easier when it comes to installation. If you’re looking to replace old doors and therefore gain more space, bifold doors certainly give you that.

More Natural Light
Not only that, they also allow for more natural light in the home. When we have additional sunlight in rooms, it enhances the interior by making it look larger than what it actually is. Glass panel bifold doors have become significantly popular within the last few years, and we’re not surprised one bit.

The Different Styles

Glazed Bifold Doors – Perfect if you’re looking for style and practicability when it comes to the interior and sunlight
1930’s Bifold Doors – Ideal for those looking to enhance traditional period properties
Contemporary Bifold Doors – Best for contemporary and modern homes that need to optimise space
French Bifold Doors – French bifold doors are more suited towards conservatory and patio settings
Mexicano Bifold Doors – Popular style for modern and contemporary homes
Victorian Bifold Doors – Ideal for those looking to maintain the Victorian style within their home but with a modern, save spacing twist

How Much Do Bifold Doors Cost?

The cost of bifold doors comes down to the design, style and size you require. A big contributing factor is knowing which room the bifold door is for. For example, if you’re looking for a bifold door for your bedroom closet to save space, fully glazed panels might not be the best option based on what you’re going to be using it for.

However, if you were to be using a bifold door to lead out on to your garden, it should be glazed all the way! This is because it allows for extra sunlight, which we all love and need more of.

For Those On A Budget: White Composite 4 Panel Bifold Door
For Those Who Don’t Mind Spending a Bit Extra: Lincoln Oak Glazed Bifold Door
For Those With Unlimited Budget: Vancouver Oak Prefinished Bifold Door

Our Top Picks By Room

Living / Dining Room
Let the light shine through with the Pattern 10 French Internal Oak Glazed Door – Bifold Kit

pattern 10 sliding bifold door

Bathroom / En-Suites
The perfect addition to any bathroom or en-suite, new or old, modern or contemporary. The Mexicano White Primed Bifold Door has been a favourite for many homeowners, it might just be one of our favourites too!

white mexicano bifold door

The Mexicano Internal Glazed Oak Door Bifold Kit is ideal to divide the kitchen and living area space. With glazed panels and a style perfect for any modern or contemporary home, it’s definitely one to put on the list.

When bifold doors are used in bedrooms, it’s common for them to be used for closet spaces as they make the most out of little space. The Shaker White Primed Bifold Door makes a great addition to any bedroom, and with it being white primed means it contributes to the overall light of the room, too!

white shaker bifold door

If you’re searching to find the right bifold door for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to advise the best solutions and provide only the best bifold doors available for your project.