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Why White Doors Never Go Out Of Style

White doors can now be seen in many modern and contemporary homes. Their simplicity, style, and smooth finish is what makes them so popular. But why do we love them so much? We know neutral colours have taken the lead when it comes to designing new rooms, as they are able to make rooms appear bigger but funnily enough, light-styled doors can achieve the same effect too! There are a number of ways in which you can inject a new look into your home without breaking the bank, and internal doors can make all the difference. Whether you want to play it safe and simple with a plain white door, or if you’re the type of person that thrives off unique and new door designs, there’s enough white doors to go around and they’ll always keep their style.

Why choose white internal doors?

Light and Stylish – You can improve your white door look with a door design that suits you and your home. If your home doesn’t have much space and is low on natural light, white doors with glass panels can help create a brighter and more spacious environment.

Helps Achieve a Modern Look – As well as being able to create the illusion of more space in a room, they not only add to an interior’s appearance, but they add to the feel too! With many investors choosing to renovate homes to add value, most modernisations include white interior doors to achieve a light and modern look. It’s definitely a look that is becoming more and more desirable.

Affordable – Prices will vary depending on what type of style door you’d like and the type of finish. However, there are various styles and designs which are cost effective and that boast quality. You can view our examples below to help give you a bit of inspiration for your home.

Our Top Picks For: White Internal Doors

Introducing the Rochester Engineered Primed White Door A stunning 4-panel door that is ideal for traditional and contemporary home interiors. The Rochester Primed White Door can bring style and substance with its raised mouldings, making it the perfect match for those looking to add a bit of character to rooms. One of its key features is that it holds a high-quality solid core for extra strength and stability, as well as a 10-year warranty. We also have a line up of matching door lining sets, architrave sets and skirting boards, so you can add your personal style and touch.

Rochester primed white door

The Rochester Primed White Door

Check out the DX30 1930’s Style White Internal Door The DX30 White Interior Door is a unique and beautifully made white primed panel door which has a solid core of timber or MDF. Because of it’s traditional look, this door is most often chosen for cottage homes and contemporary homes. Available unfinished, although the quality of the finish is superb, we definitely recommend adding a further top coat application prior to hanging.

DX30 1930's style white primed door

The 1930's Styled White Primed Door

Finishing Touches: Door Furniture

Our Internal White Primed Door Lining Set fits perfectly with any white interior door. There’s nothing quite like ensuring the furniture in your home matches with the rest of the room. Door lining sets are just one way of completing your new door look, and it’s a great one at that! Let’s move on to architrave sets though, shall we? White Primed Shaker Architrave Sets are ideal for the modern home because of its clean angled lines.

We always say small changes can make a huge difference, and this applies to all of our architrave sets and door furniture items. If you have found your ideal white interior door but are having trouble with providing final touches, be sure to browse our white primed door accessories range, they’re full of gems!

We’re quite confident that white doors will never go out of style, simply because of their impact throughout home interiors. They’re constantly a trend with modern and contemporary homes and we’re happy to be seeing new designs come to life! If you require any assistance with choosing the right internal door or any accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us.