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  • Veneered Oak Doors - What are the Benefits?

    A few good reasons to buy are: low maintenance, comparatively low cost and the high quality they offer.  These doors can be cleaned with a damp cloth without damaging the door. There are so many styles available with numerous finishes and looks available.

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  • Types of Wood Veneers Available

    Wood veneer doors are available in various natural colours – Oak, Walnut, Beech and Pine wood veneers to name a few. Choosing and considering the right wood for your home may depend on your current décor or the overall look you are trying to achieve.

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  • What is a Wood Veneer?

    Wood Veneer is made from thin sheets of wood that are sliced from a log and used for decoration or construction (as plywood). Today, special cutting equipment can produce large decorative “leaves” less than 0.5mm thick. Traditionally veneers were produced by carefully sawing logs into thin layers about wood veneer3mm thick. Such saw cut veneers are still made today and are largely used in mass furniture and mass door production. Wood veneers are available in a range of natural colours and thicknesses.

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