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How Engineered Doors Are Constructed

The construction technique for engineered doors is no small thing, they are produced on a mass scale using large precision engineering machines. Due to the recent advances in technological process and machinery, production of engineered doors has become easier and quicker for many manufacturers. Engineered Doors are made up of two or three wood types with an external wood veneer applied to the outer plank. The inner wood used may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the end finished product normally looks similar for most re-sellers. Engineered doors are made using CAD technology and fabricated on machines designed for cutting and shaping. Then the doors are binded using dowels without the need for nails. The stiles are made up of MDF or HDF and are glued to the panel then the veneer is vacuum pressed and glued to the panels. The Veneer wood used by producers can vary from oak, pine, walnut, cherry or any other type of natural wood and the thickness of the veneer applied can vary too.  Manufacturers can be found throughout the world, but the far east is a rapidly growing market with new high tech factories and businesses taking the lion's share of orders. Labour costs are low in the far east, coupled with competitive wholesale prices and production of consistently high quality finished products - this makes China and India an attractive destination for importers of engineered doors.


Precision Engineered Doors

Engineered internal doors are available and sold in various thicknesses and styles. The diverse range of these doors is increasing, and are already a popular choice in many homes and properties throughout the UK. When you are thinking about updating your home with new doors - contact a few local wooden door suppliers in your area or via the Internet. Most companies will be pleased to answer any questions you may have concerning the construction of their doors. One of the biggest benefits is that engineered doors are very low maintenance and are extremely strong. They can be easily installed and will not warp or twist like some solid oak doors do. Engineered wooden doors are mass produced with precision so if you are buying more than two doors it's very likely the two will be identical visually - this keeps the uniformity and symmetry throughout your home. Another positive about buying engineered doors is that most of the wood used in this type of construction comes from sustainable forests, and you will be supporting and doing your bit for the fragile environment.


Secure & Stylish

Engineered doors are built to last and they are an attractive addition for any home. External engineered doors are particulary a good choice for the UK climate - due to constant atmospheric weather changes. A few things to look out for when shopping for a new engineered internal or external doors are...

  • Is there a manufacturer's guarantee?
  • Will the door need finishing or is it finished - i.e. stain or oil?
  • Is ironmongery included? i.e hinges, latches or door knobs/handles
  • Is there free delivery or a fitting service available?

At InternalDoors.co.uk we have a huge range of doors to choose from, including some fantastic engineered doors. Choose from a traditional style such as a Victorian or panel door from the Elegance range or something much more contemporary such as the Mexicano or Salvador. Whatever you're looking for, we are sure to have a door that fits the bill.