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More Info on Skirting and Architrave...

Skirting and Architrave is essential if you're looking for the full package to finish off your new interior look. You are able to create a unique and sophisticated look with solid wood skirting and architrave, available in different styles, shapes, and sizes.

Skirting Board and Architrave

The skirting and architrave we offer are built using solid oak, creating both a strong and durable product that looks incredible and is made to last. They will help bring the other natural woods in your home together, whether you match or pair with another look. They can come unfinished or finished, giving you complete control of the finalised look. On top of this, our oak products are ethically sourced so that multiple seedlings are planted for every tree that is used for production. This is just one way we ensure that our environmental footprint is controlled and monitored, allowing us to give back and contribute to the state of the environment.

Simplistic Finishes

Our architrave and skirting boards are easy to order and simple to size to your requirements. They can be trimmed to fit the size that you require, allowing you to create a unique appearance. Our products come in 3.0m lengths so that they can be easily and conveniently fitted to the requirements of your home. It's in our nature to provide simplicity in everything that we do, from customers first choosing a product, right through to the final purchase and fitting.

Explore The Range

Take a look at our diverse range above today. Our skirting is available in modern and traditional designs, so we don't compromise on style or quality for our customers. All of our products are suitable for contemporary, modern and traditional homes, so we're confident we stock something you'll love.

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