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Why you should consider oak doors

Various types of doors are flooding the modern market. Each variety has its own pros and cons. Out of all the doors available, wooden doors are the most desirable. On that note, doors made out of oak wood are becoming a trendsetter these days.

Oak doors are an excellent choice for every house. The location, surface area and climatic condition are no constraints. There are many doors, made of uncountable types of woods and materials. But oak doors outshine them all. These doors have amazing characteristics and properties that make them stand out.

Oak doors are not only charming but also heavy-duty. One cannot ignore the versatility of oak doors. Made out of the very tough Oakwood, these doors are becoming the most preferred ones. Below are some of the various reasons, why oak doors have an upper hand in the market:


Internal oak doors are becoming very popular for all the valid reasons. They are gorgeous to look at, which has hiked up their popularity. Everyone wants to secure their homes with the most durable doors. Looking for doors to secure your house could be a distress. The skepticism and indecisiveness are inevitable.

An oak door is definitely the best option for people looking for a strong and sturdy security. The wood used to carve these doors is very tough and resilient. These can withstand the harshest of climatic conditions and provide praiseworthy security.

Justifiable Pricing

Woodwork and furniture are a costly maneuver and we all know that. Internal Oak Doors might seem a bit pricey to some. Yet, the advantages and plentiful benefits of oak doors blow off the uncertainty.

The top-notch properties of the oak doors justify their pricing. The quality is never compromised in the case of oak doors. This is the reason why they are becoming an integral part of every house and room setting.

Long-run Advantages

Imagine buying an inexpensive door and replacing it time and again because of the damages on it. With doors made of other material such as plywood, the chances of withering are high. This withering compels the house owner to replace the door often. This frequent replacing could be a pain. It is tiresome and demands money expenditure.

Whereas, oak doors, once installed, stay the same for a very long time. They do not shrivel or wither. They are least affected by changes in the weather. Thus, they hardly need replacement. The conclusion is, pricey oak doors are in fact cheaper in long run.

Visual Appeal

Wooden doors are a delight to look at. They, in some way, connect us to nature. These doors come in different designs and frames. They have a unique texture to them and are soothing to touch. An internal oak door gives an earthy feel to the room. Oak doors come with an option of customization to match the interior of your room. This will add up to the aesthetic appeal and make your room look even more wonderful.


Internal Oak Doors do not need a lot of maintenance. Since they don’t wither away, frequent replacement is not required. This characteristic is both pocket - friendly and eco - friendly. They keep their shape as it is, over long periods of time, because of their durability and heavy duty oak wood. Conservation of time is also kept in mind. You do not have to worry about repairing your doors every now and then, which indeed is time-consuming. This is because chances of wilting are very slim.


Oakwood is thick and very chunky. It is a well-known fact that wood is a good insulator. It does not let heat pass through it. This one major advantage of Oak doors.

Because of this property that they hold, they are pretty good insulators. This is helpful in both summers and winters. In summers, these oak doors won’t let the outside heat come inside the house. But, in winters, they will not let the heat inside, escape the house.

Variety of Designs

Oak Doors come in a variety of designs. There are two main categories: Traditional and Contemporary.

Traditional Oak Doors intend to give an antique and classic appearance to the house. These doors are for all the chic lovers, who like to preserve the vintage feel. While contemporary oak doors represent the modern drift. The designers keep the state-of-the-art in mind. Both contemporary and Traditional oak doors give your homes a beautiful appearance. Their variety and designs attract attention.

Noise Cancellation

As mentioned above, these doors are very thick and durable. Apart from being good insulators, they cancel the outdoor noise pretty well.

If you live by the highway or near a railway station, this property is a boon. Oak doors keep the house calm and maintain the privacy. These doors also ensure a sound sleep, canceling all the noises.

Why Oak Doors are the best option for Internal doors

Oak doors are definitely superior to other types of doors. They never compromise on quality and strength. They give good protection against intruders, which is commendable and very much required. Oak doors are modifiable and affordable. Below is an elaboration on these points to justify the statement:

Quality over Appeal

Doors made of other types of woods indeed are very appealing and attractive. Fragility is always captivating. These doors have a strange attraction to them, which lures customers. They are also inexpensive. This gives all the more reasons to the buyers to get them installed in their houses. But, all that shines is not gold.

The style carving and designing of oak doors makes sure that the quality is not compromised. They are the ones that actually stand the test of time. They come with the durable framework and a tough structure. The oak wood is pretty tough and the doors are made of supreme quality. Oak doors are insusceptible to damage because of their class apart built.

Protection from housebreaking

Fragile doors such as those made of glass, are susceptible to housebreaking. Many cases of burglary and robbery are being reported, every day, across the world. Intruders these days have become very smart. They know all the tactics to break into a house.

Oak doors protect your house from intruders and burglars. Their strong built makes it impossible for anyone to break into your house. You can leave your house and lock your oak door behind, without worrying about intruders. Thus, installation of oak doors ensures privacy and protection.

Softwood against Hardwood

Oak Wood is an excellent hardwood, which pretty much explains its durability. Other types of woods such as pine wood, fall under the category of softwoods. Oak doors, thus, are impermeable. This means that they are resistant to humidity, moisture and other types of dampness. Softwoods are permeable and prone to getting affected by dampness.

Customization option

Oak doors have a grainy feel to them. They have a nice texture and a coarse surface. Many would see this as a disadvantage, but this, in fact, is an advantage. You can customize your oak door with paints and stains. Applying paint on a textured structure, makes the structure look beautiful and outstanding.

Even if you do not wish to stain your oak door, it will still look pleasing. The visible grains of the wood, which are in contrast with the background, give it a chic look.

Softwoods are different, as they are very smooth and even. Painting or staining them can be a bit troublesome and monotonous. Options for customization are very limited for softwood doors.

Structural benefits

Softwoods are quite insubstantial as compared to hardwoods. They are less likely to withstand compromising climatic conditions. They are more likely to suffer damage by dust and other harsh circumstances. These are very vulnerable to dents and scratches because of their smooth surfaces.

Oak is a top quality hardwood. It is strong enough to keep itself together during harsh circumstances. Chances of damage are almost negligible. The cuts of an Oak Door, make it resistant to deformation and dents.


Oak doors, that are not polished, are pretty inexpensive. You can always buy an unpolished oak door and stain it according to the interiors of your house. You also do not have to spend heaps on maintaining the looks of your door. Staining twice a year is more than enough to keep the door looking fresh as new.

Strength over Appeal

Doors that carved out of other woods are sure very appealing and pretty to look at. The problem arises when we talk about strength. These delicate wooden doors cannot tolerate as much shock as the oak doors. Durability, again, is the contributor here.

Oak doors are strong enough to survive strong winds and slamming. They have negligible chances of getting scratched or damaged.

How to install your new internal doors?

With a huge variety of options available, you might find yourself thinking, ‘why oak?’ It is true that there are many options available in the market. Every option comes with its pros and cons. The answer to your question is pretty simple.Internal doors are an important part of the interior of your house. To match up with your gorgeous interiors, you’d need gorgeous doors too.

Following are other plausible for opting for oak wood for your internal doors:

  • Oak doors are elegant and add value to your house. You can install them anywhere, including your office. After years of installation of oak doors, you will still find them in the same shape and condition. They are very strong and robust. Oak doors are so well finished that the chances of chipping and wearing are slim. They remain good as new even years after installation. If you decide to sell your house, oak doors will definitely contribute to the value of your property.

  • Oak doors give an expensive and lavish feel. At an affordable price, you can add high-class grace to your house. Their grainy texture and tough body are likely to put a good impression on people who visit your house. The solid built seems very posh, adding to the aesthetic value.

  • Oak doors are a little bit pricey as compared to other alternatives. But, if you see it in a positive way, fitting oak doors is a long term investment with great returns. Alternative wooden doors are hollow and more prone to damage. These inexpensive doors lure people into buying them. Once you buy them, you end up replacing them every now and then. Thus, you end up spending more on replacements than buying the doors. With oak doors, the scenario is very different. You pay for these doors once and you’re free for many years.

  • Oak doors come in various fittings and sized. You do not have to worry about the huge front porch. Oak doors are available to fit every door and window. The variety of frames and structures are commendable. If your windows and doors are larger than the standard size, oak doors have a solution to your problem.

  • Oak doors can save your electricity bills. Oakwood is thick and very chunky. Since they are such good insulators, Oak doors can save your electricity bills. No heat from the inside can escape and no heat from the outside can come in. These insulating properties will make your air conditioner consume fewer units. Less power consumption will bring down your electricity bills.

  • Oak doors are fire resistant. Along with strength and durability, Oak doors are fire resistant. Other alternatives are hollow and catch fire quickly. Oak doors do burn, but they take time. Their slow-burning is nothing less than an alarm. This alarm is for the inmates to evacuate the house immediately. Other alternatives take no time to catch fire, leaving no chance to escape. Oak doors, but, allow enough time to escape.

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