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Maintenance Wax

It’s important to maintain hand forged ironmongery to ensure that it stays looking its best. Maintenance wax offers a layer of protection and can also restore the finish of ironmongery where it is required. Maintenance wax does not need to be applied often but will make sure that your door hardware will stand the test of time.

In the rare event that surface rust occurs on any ironmongery, it can simply be rubbed down using wire wool before maintenance wax is applied to prevent any rust from resurfacing. Our maintenance wax is tried and tested and will keep your ironmongery looking new for many years rather than fading or aging and looking fatigued.

Maintenance wax is extremely easy to apply using a rag or brush. When adding the wax, it’s extremely important to spread it generously and ensure a good coverage is applied so that moisture cannot reach the ironmongery.

  • FREE delivery|on orders over £1000
    FREE delivery on orders over £1000
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    Form & function all in one
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