LPD Timber Accessories
LPD Timber Accessories

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LPD Timber Accessories

We offer a wide range of LPD door linings, skirting and architrave to help you create the perfect interior look in your home. We carry LPD mouldings, FD30 linings, door stops and window boards in a variety of materials and finishes. Our LPD mouldings come in both lightweight and heavy-duty varieties so you can find exactly what you need for any project.

We also have a selection of white primed LPD door linings that are ready for final finishing before being installed, match with the Chamfered and single groove skirting or the Ogee and Ferrol Architrave just to name a few to complete your white primed look.

Looking for a prefinished timber accessory?

Interior skirting, architrave and doors linings from LPD provide the perfect way to get the prefinished look you want in no time. With their ready to apply designs, like the light grey chamfered. You can get an interior that looks professionally decorated with minimal hassle. Whether you’re busy with work and don’t have much time to spare or just don’t have the decorating skills required to complete a detailed job, LPD is the way to go for your skirting, architrave and door linings. Our range of designs covers a vast array of styles, perfectly catering to all tastes so you can always find exactly what you need!

Alternatively, you can opt for the unfinished oak skirting, architrave and doors linings that can provide the perfect solution to complete any given space. Crafted from a sturdy oak material, this affordable collection will ensure your home looks sleek and on-trend for years to come. Furthermore, these items can easily be stained or painted to match existing décor, making them truly customisable for any home aesthetic. Get creative with unfinished oak skirting, architrave and door linings.

Added Protection

If a homeowner is looking to upgrade their skirting, architrave and door linings, then it might be time to consider using wood stain or oil. Wood stains and oils can bring out the natural beauty of the wood and give any surface an updated look. Plus, these stains and oils are also incredibly durable and can remain vibrant for many years. When properly applied, these products will add a warm and inviting look to any room in your home that you won’t get with other paint or wall coverings. With so many choices available, choosing the right colour is often the hardest part!

If you're ever in need of expert advice and knowledge, our helpful team is here for you! We provide friendly and experienced advice and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.- contact us on 01455566566 or email [email protected].