LPD Coventry Doors
LPD Coventry Doors

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Coventry LPD Internal Doors

LPD's Coventry doors are the ideal way to add a touch of class and elegance to any home. Featuring rectangular inset panels in various lengths, these white primed solid core doors can be matched with just about any decor for an impressive look. You don't have to worry about settling for white either, since LPD also offers these doors in oak and prefinished oak materials so you can choose the perfect style and design that meets your needs. These eye-catching doors certainly create a beautiful entrance that will make your home stand out from the crowd!

LPD Coventry doors offer a unique and stylish touch to any home. Their rectangular inset panels come in a wide variety of lengths to craft the perfect layout for an entranceway, while perfectly complementing the primed solid core. Additionally, LPD Coventry doors are available in oak and prefinished oak, both glazed or solid in order to achieve the desired look and functionality.

Furthermore, LPD offers Coventry doors in multiple sizes for homes needing smaller or larger doorways—including LPD fire doors for extra security. Not only are LPD Coventry doors incredibly fashionable but also incredibly versatile.
Fire doors provide essential protection in our homes and businesses. LPD Coventry doors are a great choice for fire safety, as they are constructed with LPD materials that are rated to withstand fire for more than four hours. Coventry doors help stop the spread of heat and flames from one room to another, helping protect lives and property from fatal risks in the event of an emergency. The sturdiness of LPD Coventry fire doors also lets you be sure that your family or employees will have extra time to find a safe exit route in case of a fire.

LPD's Coventry doors range offers a variety of semi-solid and glazed options that can be tailored to suit any style, however, for those wanting to let more light inside their home, one standout model within the LPD range is the Lincoln Glazed door.

Dressing your New Door

Are you looking for the perfect way to dress up your brand-new door? With architrave, skirting boards and door linings, you can create a stunning entranceway that will provide the perfect welcome. The architrave can be used to frame the doorway while skirting boards and door linings cover any exposed edges to give an overall smooth finish. Combine different colours and textures to get the right look for your particular home or office. Whether wanting something classic, contemporary or outlandish - dressed with architrave, skirting boards and door linings; you won’t be disappointed with how you can edit the atmosphere of any room through the entranceway.

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