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J B Kind Urban Industrial Doors
J B Kind Urban Industrial Doors

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Introducing JB Kinds Urban Industrial Doors!

We are excited to present JB Kinds new range of urban industrial doors, designed to give homes and businesses an edgy, modern look. Crafted from hard-wearing metal and made with innovative design techniques, these doors provide excellent soundproofing and a unique aesthetic.

Their contemporary colours range from muted greys to striking blues, so you can find the perfect one to match your desired style. Whether you want to give a commercial property an industrial edge or add some flair to your home, JB Kinds urban industrial doors are the perfect choice!

Homeowners who want to stay on trend with the hottest door designs, while simultaneously exuding sophistication and panache, will love the Urban Industrial door range. With its edgy yet timeless appeal, these doors offer a stylish twist to the traditional industrial style.

Not only is the design contemporary and eye-catching, but it is also offered in three stunning colours - black, graphite grey and white - ensuring that there’s an option for even the most discerning of aesthetic tastes. Featuring pre-finished surfaces for an easy installation process and encapsulating both style and ease of use, homeowners can create a great impression from their door’s very first entrance.

Industrial style doors make the perfect statement for an open and airy aesthetic. Promoting plenty of natural light, industrial style doors evoke a sense of smooth linear sophistication that adds a unique touch to spaces with minimalistic décor. From steel mesh roll-up doors to full-length hardwood panels with metal accents, this modern take on a classic design perfectly mirrors the beauty of industrial interior styles. The marriage of raw materials, like metals, woods and glass in this look, elevates simple styles into a creative and impactful décor statement.

Exceptionally Constructed

For those looking for high-quality doors that are both robust and reasonably priced, Urban Industrial doors offer the perfect balance of features. Constructed with high-strength 9mm MDF panels, they can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear without becoming dilapidated.

Additionally, you don't need to buy expensive specialist fittings as these doors come with regular handles and hinges. All these aspects combine to make Urban Industrial doors an excellent choice for a variety of residential and commercial environments.

The glazed version offers extra strength and safety compared to cheaper alternatives. If tempered safety glass is used in construction, each pane of glass offers a greater degree of protection compared to single-pane constructions with no additional reinforcements. Additionally, the solid lock blocks added to glazed doors ensure that ironmongery can be securely fitted without any worry that from drilling into the glass. In short, you get a superior level of strength and security for your premises when choosing glazed doors over cheaper options.

Plenty Of Options

Our Urban Industrial door designs encapsulate the cool, industrial style look popular in contemporary home decor. Our City door design features a unique mix of Art Deco and glazed style that is sure to make any living space feel special. If a chic ladder pattern is more your style, then our Metro door is sure to please.

And for those who want the bold angles and shapes of industrial interior doors, the 6 panel Civic and 10 panel Plaza will add an extra dimension that won't go unnoticed. Built with robust quality construction, these door types are also available in both black and white finishes for added convenience and ease of installation.

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