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J B Kind Classic Doors
J B Kind Classic Doors

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Why Buy J B Kind White Classic Doors?

Regency style has often been described as having a timeless elegance and the new white classic J B Kind interior door collection perfectly encapsulates this classic sense of style. By combining characteristics from Regency designs such as raised panels with modern white glazing options, these doors provide a traditional finishing touch to any space.

Their generous widths also give an enhanced feeling of light and space, making them an ideal choice for those looking to create a warm and inviting interior environment. Full of character yet highly practical, the white classic collection effortlessly blends the sophistication of Regency with quality they can count on.

The White Classic door range gives you a number of different choices when it comes to style and design. There are classic panelled designs available, with Victorian styles that are perfect for homes with a more traditional feel.
Similarly, there are more contemporary options available too, featuring modern grooves and beading that can bring a touch of class to any new build.

All our JB Kind white classic doors boast a solid core construction, and come primed ready for painting - making the perfect starting point for home renovations and decorating projects. Whatever style you choose, the sophisticated panelling will blend seamlessly with your interior.

Plenty Of Options

Regency style door designs have created a buzz in the home décor market recently and these four fresh new designs, Osborne, Belton, Catton and Hardwick are no exception.

Named after stately homes, each door features a classic panelled look reminiscent of eras past but with an updated and modern charm. The attractive flush mouldings of the doors add unique character to any space while still remaining in a timeless style. With their luxe feel and sumptuous intricate details, these doors will undoubtedly provide any room with an elegant finish.

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