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Internal French Doors

Internal Doors are the leading supplier of Internal French Doors to the UK market. Our online store provides a wide range of available oak door products which suit a whole series of designs, patterns, cuts, thicknesses and many more.

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One of our best sellers is the Coventry Four Panel Glazed Shaker Oak Door which is the perfect way to introduce additional natural light and add warmth to a room. The superior oak finish complements a diverse range of internal finishes coupled with four glass panels offering a minimalistic touch. This French door comes pre-fitted with glass panels and are available to purchase in a variety of glazing options.


If you're looking for alternative French doors for internal use, then perhaps our Pattern 10 French Glazed Oak Veneer Door at the affordable price of £99.95 (inc VAT) will take your fancy with its classic French design including a single frame, single glass panel which is perfect for lightening your home.


Still stuck for choice and want to maintain the contemporary look with a homely feel? View our full list of available options.

Oak Internal French Doors for every House or Home

We offer a robust and precise sorting tool you can organise our catalogue as you see fit, eliminating products if you don’t like the colour or the design. If you’re looking for something specific we remove the clutter, but if you’re just browsing, then the categories allow you to focus down your search.

After all a front door is more than just a piece of wood with a couple of hinges. You could have spent years decorating your home, getting it up to the standard that you and your family deserve, and we want our wooden front doors to match that standard. We understand that it’s these details that transform a house into a home. Our goal is to give you what you want, and to make your house a home.

Here at Internal Doors we might offer a massive selection of products, but we do not compromise on quality. With competitive prices across the board and a glowing customer satisfaction record there has never been a better time to shop with us.

Buying White French Internal Doors Online

There has never been a better time to shop online for doors in the UK. Our website is extremely easy to navigate with powerful search tools to allow you to filter down to the exact products that you want. Whether it’s a classic Walden Glazed or one of the more modern Vermont, we cater an enormous amount of French doors online to the UK market.

If you’re still not sure then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a sales advisor via the Live Chat or by calling 01455 566 566. Our expertise will help find the right door for you.

Whether you’re looking for classic or modern styles, retro or lites then Internal Doors is the company for you. Our massive range of French wooden front doors will ensure that we won’t compromise on your vision for your perfect home.

If you’d like to speak to a member of the sales team then get in touch: call 01455 566 566 or email at [email protected]

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