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More Info on Traditional Doors...

Traditional doors work wonderfully as additions on a period property and creating a classic look for your modern or contemporary home. No matter what finishing touches you’re looking to put on your property, we have something that you’re sure to find incredible!

If you’d like to find a traditional or classic door configuration, reach out to us at Internal Doors today to open the possibilities!

Wide Wooden Selection

Our traditional doors come in a wide variety of wood materials, offering different - yet always stunning - natural grains. Our selection includes oak, pine, walnut, and more, ensuring that you can create the ideal vintage appearance you want in order to match or highlight your themed or period look.

No matter what type of wood you choose, you’re sure to create a stunning and charming traditional look for your doors - and you’re entire property.

Style Selection

On top of having a diverse range of wood to choose from, we also have a number of different styles that will allow you to create a huge selection of appearances. If you’re looking to create a specific period design we have a number of choices, including Victorian, Georgian, the 1930s, and Shaker doors.

Affordable and Accessible

As a leading provider of top standard doors, we make sure to not only supply the best quality, but also the best prices. Our collection of doors are built to last long, retain their quality and appearance, and stand up to wear and tear. More than that, we make sure to bring them to you at an affordable price, opening the possibilities for your door configurations and entire property appearance.

It’s our goal to bring the best quality doors into homes at low prices, making decorating your home simple, convenient, and enjoyable.

Get the Perfect Fit

Sizing and fitting your doors is extremely important for making sure that you get the proper door configuration and that it looks and functions smoothly. Our doors are built thick to offer long-lasting durability and good performance. This also ensures that you can trim your doors to fit the exact designs you want, making sure they are sized properly.

We know that your door configuration not only needs to be flawless in appearance, but also needs to simple, convenient, and enjoyable to do. With our easy to install door configurations, setting up your new door is extremely easy. This way, you can spend less time setting up the door and more time enjoying it.

Match it With Your Moulding or Architrave

We carry a selection of architrave and skirting boards as well so that you can spread a consistent look throughout your home. It will allow you to create a spectacular look throughout your home. Pick one of our wooden products to match it to your traditional styled door and home.

Architrave will let you frame the door in an elegant, classic fashion and your moulding will connect the look throughout the rooms of your home.

Incorporate Door Hardware

Whether you want to create a period look or just add a touch of flavor, picking creative door hardware for your door configuration will allow you to add the finishing touches on your property. Our variety of levers, handles, knobs, latches, and hinges allow you to create a themed look, a period style, or your own unique design. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose from our variety of materials and styles to create exactly what you want.

Fire-Rated Configurations

When it comes to getting the best in protection and security, we have you covered. We know that emergencies happen and your doors can be important. We have a wide selection of doors that come with an FD30 fire rating, ensuring that they will burn up to 30 minutes in an emergency situation. This can not only give you much needed time, but it can also give emergency services more time to respond, which could protect your property and belongings.

Choosing Your Traditional Door Configuration

With our vast array of door choices, including features like door hardware and accents like architrave and moulding, you’ll be sure to find a stunning traditional door configuration. Whether you want a period theme or just stunning, unique appearance, we can help at Internal Doors. Contact us today to open the possibilities!

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