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More Info on 3 Panel Doors...

Fitting 3 panel doors will provide your home with additional detail and character but not so much so that it overpowers your interior. With doors offering both more and fewer panels, the three panel offers a middle ground that can be used in both traditionally styled rooms and also those with a more minimalist appearance.

Like all of our doors, three panels provide a combination of fantastic looks together with strength and durability. The aim of our doors is to give your home a stylish functional feature that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. The added benefit of our doors is that they can be treated to achieve the matching finish you desire for your home.

Whilst 3 panel doors are suitable for a wide range of interiors, adding a finishing treatment is the perfect way to personalise your doors before they are hung. Not only will a treatment enhance the look of the door, but it will also protect it.

3 Panel Internal Doors

Our best sellers in our 3 panel interior doors range feature the Norwich Modern Oak Door, Norwich Modern Glazed Oak Door and the Utah Three Panel Glazed Oak Door and the 3 panel bifold doors collection overall. They are a great example of the quality we manufacture and it's a passion of ours to never compromise on style and supply doors to the highest of standards possible.

Making the Best of your 3 Panel Door

The 3 panel door provides a mix of design and functionality after installation. The irregular panel pattern yields a unique aesthetic design that can simultaneously work for both a rustic and an ultra-modern interior design.

The panel doors can stay the same without needing an extra touch during the refurbishing of your interior. Their durability guarantees a boost in the resale value of your home in general. 3 panel doors last for an exceptionally long time, especially with the right finish.

The glazing of your 3 panel door will elevate its aesthetic allure. You can add stained glass for gothic aesthetic or double panel sides for a balanced design. Regardless of which option you choose, internal doors with glass are paramount in accentuating the internal beauty of your home.

Keep your 3 panel door looking more lustrous with the addition of our range of quality oils and waxes to give them an exquisite shine. If you're in the market for more internal panel doors, we also have a range of other types of panel doors, namely:

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4 panel interior doors

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