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More Info on 6 Panel Doors...

If you're looking for a traditionally styled door with plenty of detail, our range of 6 panel doors may well be the answer. Panel doors have been popular for decades and due to their clean lines, can be used in both vintage and modern homes.

These types of doors aren't overpowering but have an abundance of detail due to the six sunken panels which help to set off the wood grain appearance. We love our 6 panel internal doors and particularly when they're accompanied by one of the classic beehive doorknobs. This combination is a great look when utilised in any character property, cottage or barn conversion.

Characteristics of 6 Panel Doors

6-panel doors consist of the traditional frame-and-panel layout in which large floating panels lay within a framework of horizontal and vertical railings. The floating nature of the panel door allows it to expand and contract in response to weather conditions without compromising the door’s structural integrity.

There are certain features unique to 6-panel doors that make them stand out compared to other types of panel doors. For instance, our 6-panel doors have a contrasting design to the more simple and traditional 2-panel doors. The design features of the 6 panel interior door make them a common choice among our customers.

The top characteristics of our six panel internal doors include the following.


6-panel doors come in a distinct style that features two upper smaller panels, two longer centre panels, and two bottom medium panels. These characteristic irregularities in the 6 panel internal door give off an antique look. The panel designs indicate Victorian doors and make them suitable as external doors for your house entrance or patio.

Due to the alignment of the individual panels on a 6-panel door, they are also known as cross and bible doors. The portion located in the middle of the adjacent panels resembles a cross, while the bottom two panels vaguely resemble an open bible.


It’s important to note that 6-panel interior doors are not necessarily of Christian origin. But, this hasn’t ceased the application of six panel internal doors in churches.

The link to churches can be a plus for you if you’re sentimental. Due to its supposed holy iconography, you can use 6-panel interior doors to symbolize the sanctity of a room in your home. These solid oak doors can be an excellent fit for your library or yoga room.

Because there are six panels to think about, there’s a lot of design flexibility. Our six-panel wood interior doors come in various design specs. Get ready to transform your interior space into an architectural marvel with one of our high-end doors.


Glass and doors go together like cheese and fine wine. The addition of glass panelling to 6-panel doors significantly improves its beauty and functionality. Glazing can take place by replacing the top panels with glass to provide more illumination and ambience. The solid oak doors undergo a reinforcement step to hold the glazed glass in place and prevent any form of breakage.

Glazing holds the structural integrity of panel doors in place. It offers transparency while still providing you with protection. We offer glazing options for your 6-panel doors and can perform partial or full glazing depending on your taste.

Do not settle for cheap 6-panel doors with weak glazing. We also offer glazing on our:

2 panel doors

3 panel doors

4 panel doors

5 panel doors


One of the essential functions of a door is to offer protection to its interior. Fortunately, our 6-panel doors are perfectly capable of granting you safety thanks to their solidity and toughness. The inner linings of our 6 panel internal doors are filled with reinforced wood that is impervious to rot.

The solid oak doors are sturdy and firm against reverberation. The hinges are secure to prevent slipping while the finger plate and locks do not jam. The internal panelling on our six-panel wood interior doors is evenly distributed to avoid hollow spaces within the door. Therefore, heavy blows will not cause cracks within the door frame.

Look through our collections and beef up the security of your home with one of our solid 6 panel doors. Rest easy in your home, knowing that you’re secure and safe. Our solid oak panel doors will resist substantial trauma even if they have glazing. The glass that you’ll find in our glazed panel doors is exceptionally thick and shatterproof.

Resale Value

Preservation helps improve the overall value of your home in the advent of selling it. Our 6-panel doors only improve with time, ageing remarkably well and adding to the overall ambience of your home. Real estate is a dynamic field, and the presence of beautiful and strong panel doors can add an exquisite taste that’ll enhance the base value of your home.

Our 6-panel internal doors retain their original look and withstand adverse changes in the environment. They are also low maintenance and easy to clean.

Our solid oak doors will significantly boost the resale value of your home. Choose any one of our six panel interior doors and start adding to the value of your home.


Just because something is good doesn’t mean it can’t be better. We offer high-quality prefinished 6-panel doors in various shades to balance out the vibrancy of your room.

Our doors undergo a fine pre-finishing process to bolster their intricate patterns and glossy surface. You can rest assured that we won’t leave you hanging with products that look like cheap panel doors.

We offer superior pre-finishing for the following types of solid oak panel doors.

  • 2-panel doors

  • 3 panel interior doors

  • 4-panel doors

  • 5-panel doors

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We look to provide lovingly made, desirable products whilst we’re constantly searching for ways to revolutionise and improve our products, designs, and customer service so we can continue to improve going forward. Be sure to browse our range in full today or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements - you can visit us in our showroom or simply give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 6 panel door?

A 6-panel door is a solid oak door with six distinct panels on its surface. A six panel interior door usually has an inner reinforced floating piece designed to provide space for expansion and contraction without damage.

How much does a 6 panel door cost?

6-panel doors can cost from £100 to £200.

Are 6 panel doors good?

6 panel doors are good thanks to their rugged and long-lasting exterior. In addition to plenty of design appeal, they do not rot or wither with age and they help increase the resale value of your home.

What does a 6 panel door represent?

Fundamentally, a 6-panel door represents security in its base form. The surface of the solid oak wood is highly impervious to warping and fracturing. Furthermore, due to the cross and bible design of the 6 panels, it may serve as a doorway for an isolated sacred space of choice.

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