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Oak Doors

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  1. Mexicano Veneer Oak Fire Door
    Mexicano Veneer Oak Fire Door
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  2. Idaho Three Panel Oak Door
    Idaho Three Panel Oak Door
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Buying oak internal doors online could never be easier. Our range of available oak products means that there’s a door for every occasion whether that be for your kitchen, lounge, living room or bedroom. Our team of helpful and friendly sales specialists can ensure you make the right choice first time. Coupled with free delivery for orders over our free delivery threshold and the opportunity to choose rapid 48-hour dispatch options, we are confident we provide an industry leading service.

Why Choose Interior Oak Doors?

We provide a large range of interior oak doors suited for every type of occasion. We are able to manufacture and supply a vast quantity of glazed, frame sizes, coloured and panel oak doors complimented with accessories such as hinges, brass doorknobs and more.

Imagine buying an inexpensive door and replacing it time and again because of the damages on it. With doors made of other material such as plywood, the chances of withering are high. This withering compels the house owner to replace the door often. Whereas, an oak internal door, once installed, stays the same for a very long time. They do not shrivel or wither. They are least affected by changes in the weather. Thus, they hardly need replacing. The conclusion is, pricey in the short term but they are in fact cheaper in the long run. You can take your pick from many design types, including oak cottage doors, oak bifold doors, and even oak stable doors plus many more - they're just our personal favourites.

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Oak interior doors come in a variety of designs. There are two main categories: Traditional and Contemporary. Traditional doors intend to give an antique and classic appearance to the house. These doors are for all the chic lovers, who like to preserve the vintage feel. While the contemporary equivalents represent the modern drift. The designers keep the state-of-the-art in mind. Both contemporary and traditional give your homes a beautiful appearance. Their variety and designs attract attention.

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