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More Info on 5 Panel Doors...

If you are looking for thresholds that have clean and simple lines but still an abundance of detail, our 5 panel doors are the perfect solution. Despite having a classic style, panel doors are well suited to both traditional and contemporary properties due to their uncomplicated look which can easily be personalised to complement any interior.

5 Panel Internal Doors

Our 5 panel interior doors collection features oak and White Primed Doors that provide a level of sophistication and class you never knew you needed. Each possesses high quality, durability, and affordability that you shouldn't miss out on.

We’re only happy to manufacture and sell products that pass our strict quality control demands, this means that only absolute quality gets passed onto the customer. Our massive range features 5 panel bifold doors, folding doors, glazed doors and much more to give you the choice of it all, literally!

Utilizing your 5 Panel Door

5-panel doors logically feature more panels which give room for more creativity and exquisite patterns. The panels can be rotated along the surface of the door to give diversity to your home despite the use of the same 5-panel door. As a matter of fact, we can supply multiple panel doors of this type and provide an exclusive design format for each door.

We also provide 5-panel doors in the traditional horizontal format. As expected, these variations work best for internal rooms like closets or storerooms.

Here at Internal Doors, we also offer white internal doors which have risen to popularity in the past years. These white 5-panel doors offer an exemplary touch of elegance and poise to your home.

Additionally, our white 5-panel doors come with a durable and long-lasting prefinished form that’ll resist the adverse effects of humidity. The wood grain also masks scratches and keeps the door looking spotless.

However, if you’re looking to mix things up with other varieties of panel doors, look no further. We offer the following types of panel doors including:

2 panel doors

3 panel doors

4 panel doors

6 panel doors

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We look to provide skillfully made, distinguished products but at the same time, we're constantly searching for ways to revolutionise and improve our products, designs and customer service so we can continue to improve our relationship with our customers. Be sure to browse our range in full today or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

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