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Internal Bi-fold Doors

Our internal bi-fold doors are both stylish and affordable. bi-fold internal doors are the ideal solution for any home with limited space. Folding doors have been used for many years and are becoming extremely popular once again at the moment. Despite their more complexed design, bi-fold doors are extremely easy to fit and even easier to use. High-quality materials and manufacturing standards ensure that your doors will last and can also be opened and closed with very little effort. Bi fold internal doors are also extremely affordable despite being supplied with pre-fitted central hinges and in most instances already glazed.

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Bi-fold Internal Doors

There are numerous benefits of fitting internal bi-fold doors. They open in a much smaller area, they are affordable and further still, they are extremely elegant and an effective way of making your home feel more bright and spacious. Despite their unconventional form, bi-folding internal doors cost almost the same as a standard door so price isn't really an issue if you fancy something a little different in your home. They are perfectly suited to a character property, rural home or cottage thanks to their unique charm and also the excellent levels of natural light they allow to pass through. Our Richmond Campion internal bi-fold doors and Richmond Bluebell bi-fold internal doors are perfect examples of this with a large glazed upper section to break up the elegant wood outer frame. On these particular interior bi-fold doors, the ready fitted glazed panels are also frosted and have a suitably rustic pattern around the outside edge for an added hint of attractiveness. Bi-fold interior doors immediately draw the eye as they aren't regularly seen. If you're looking for something quite unique to wow family and friends then a folding door may well be the answer. Like all of our doors, your bi-folding doors can be personalised with the addition of any style of door furniture to provide them with your own perfect finishing touch.

Bi-Fold Interior Doors

Bi-folding doors are slightly quirky and a great way to provide your home with some extra character thanks to their unconventional way of opening. You'd be forgiven for thinking that these bi-fold doors, often glazed are primarily for cosmetic purposes but they're also very practical too. As they fold at the centre, an interior bi-fold door requires much less space to open into than a conventional door. As such, they're the perfect solution for a home or room where space is limited. Buying an internal bi-fold door is also a great way to increase natural light in a room as many are fitted with large glazed panels. These large windows allow light to pass through just as it would a French door. Whilst they are commonly used for kitchen doors, a bi-fold internal door can be used throughout a home on a study, utility room or even living room to give a few examples. They are also strong, easy to use and can be personalised with door furniture which matches the rest of the doors currently in your home.

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