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How to Fit a Door Handle

A DIY job almost custom made for a beginner, fitting your own door handle is actually rather easy once you know how. Fitting it yourself will not only mean a saving on labour costs, but will give that sense of subtle self-satisfaction that only DIY can truly bring. Follow the steps below and fitting a door handle should take you no more than half an hour.

rochester door handle

What You'll Need


Handle or Door knob

Latch (body)

Latch plate

Strike plate

Spade drill bit



Door wedge (to make sure the door doesn't move whilst you're working) and a cup of tea for morale.

1. Use a pencil to mark the height on the side of the door at which you want your handle to sit and use it as a guide to drill a hole with a flat drill bit. The hole is for your handle’s latch.

2. Make sure that the hole is as central as possible and that it's deep enough to fit the entire body of the latch. A good tip is to mark how deep you need to hole to be and mark it on your drill bit with a piece of tape.

3. Push the latch into the hole and draw around it with a pencil. Then remove the latch and chisel along the pencil lines. The depth you chisel to should be equal to the thickness of your latch plate.

4. Now you should have a slot in the side of your door that's exactly the same size and shape as your latch plate. Next, you need to use your latch plate as a guide and use your pencil once again to mark where the spindle hole needs to go. Use this as a guide to drill the hole and make sure that it's ever so slightly bigger than the spindle itself, to give yourself a little leeway.

5. Push the latch into the recess now and if you look through the spindle hole you drilled earlier you should be able to see right through the spindle (if you've aligned them correctly). If you're 100% sure that everything is stable and in the correct place, use a screw to secure latch into place.

6. Take one of your door handles, place the spindle inside it, and place in the hole. Once you're sure that the spindle is level, mark the handle’s plate with a pencil to use as a guide for screwing the handle in place.

7. Repeat on the other side of the door, making sure that the handles line up.

8. Finally you'll need to affix the strike plate to the doors frame. Close the door and mark on the door frame with a pencil so that the strike plate will be aligned perfectly with the latch plate.

9. Put the strike plate against the door frame and draw around it and inside it, and mark where the screws will sit. Drill a hole for the latch and chisel a recess for the plate. Again, make sure the recess is the same depth as the plate itself.

10. Secure the strike plate into its final position.

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