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Glazed Doors

Brighten up your interior - and your life - with a glazed door! Our range of glazed door configurations come in a huge selection of materials, styles, and with various features. When it comes to getting the best in doors, trust Internal Doors to open the possibilities!


Glazing involves adding panels of glass to the door in order to create a more intricate design and allow you to see through it. Depending on the type and style of door, it may use a small amount of glass or it may use a lot. This essentially makes for a transparent barrier that allows you to see through it or add more lighting to your room.

Diverse Looks: Traditional to Modern

Glazed doors make for stunning entranceways throughout your home, adding character and allowing you to create a specific, unique look. If you’re looking to create a traditional, classic or a contemporary, modern look, our range of glazed door configurations are sure to exceed your expectations in both performance and appearance. Glazed doors can create a range of styled appearances and are great for finishing period or themed looks.

Open Up Your Space But Maintain Privacy

Getting a glazed door configuration is a great way of opening up the look and feel of your home while still giving you privacy. You can also install a glazed door configuration to create more privacy without closing off the look of your room. Having a door allows you to use to create privacy in certain rooms, as well as create a sound barrier. This can be used to both keep sound in or out of specific rooms in your home.

It will let light travel freely throughout your home more, while still providing adequate privacy. Depending on what you want, you can get more or less glazing on the door. You can even save some money on electricity by not having to light dark areas of your home more!

Stunning Style

Not only does glazing give you lighting, a sound barrier, and allow you to open the look of your rooms, but also lets you create unique and stunning looks. More than anything, glazed door configurations are a way of creating a unique, intricate, and elegant design. You can use large panes of glass or simply add accents to give the door a more interesting style.

This will help let you develop the exact look you want while also matching the design you have. It’s also a great way of fitting your decor to a period or themed style! On top of that, it will let add the finishing touches to your home!

Strong, Durable Wood

Our doors are constructed using high-quality wood cuts to offer a natural wood grain appearance while also providing a long lasting, durable product that will stand up to wear and tear. We use the best quality materials for all of our doors so that you can rely on the product you get and ensure that you have the best performance and appearance from your days.

The best part about our high-quality doors is that we offer them at affordable prices. We use high-grade materials and manufacture at top notch standards, supplying our doors at an affordable cost. It’s just another way we show you that we care about opening the possibilities for you with our intricate, stunning door configurations.

Thick and Easily Sized

We don’t just believe in providing the best products and creating the most stunning door configurations, we also believe in making it an easy, convenient, and enjoyable experience. We have thick doors to provide both protection and durability. More than that, these doors help allow you to easily and properly trim them to the right size and fit for your door frame.

Finish the Look with Door Hardware

If you’re looking to design an elegant, unique, or period look, adding various door hardware features can be a great way of elevating the appearance of your glazed door. Highlight the glass finishing with a creative handle, lever, knob, or hinges. We have a wide selection of different door hardware products, coming in a variety of materials and styles so that you can create a unique, personalized look for your door.

If you’re looking for the best selection of glazed doors, please contact us at Internal Doors to open the possibilities!

  • FREE delivery|on orders over £1000
    FREE delivery on orders over £1000
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