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More Info on Pine Fire Doors...

All of our fire rated pine doors are FD30 or FD60 rated, meaning they can last under fire for 30 or 60 minutes, providing you with protection and reducing the spread of the fire. With our range of pine fire doors, we stock both modern and traditional designs, as well as fire rated lining sets and fire rated ironmongery available so you can choose what you think will compliment the door even more so.

An advantage about pine doors is that they are strong and durable but relatively light, meaning the installation process will be easier and not provide you with too much hassle. Our fire door range features pitch pine, knotty pine and clear pine doors. They are common in traditional homes and are a favourite due to the diversity of which it can be used.

Clear pine provides a natural charm and adds value to any room, whereas knotty pine includes natural timber knots the provide a rustic feel and look. Ultimately, pine fire doors have endless options when it comes to style and all our doors are fully tested and certificated fire doors, adding functionality and beauty within homes one fire door installation at a time.

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At Internal Doors, we pride ourselves on providing quality pine fire doors and excellent customer service. We understand how daunting and difficult it may be when it comes to choosing a fire door, especially when you don’t want to miss out on style so if you require any assistance or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our live chat, email or give us a call on 01455 566566

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