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Internal Fire Doors

For the best in safety and protection, our team at Internal Doors features the best fire doors in order to offer protection and safety against fire and smoke emergencies and damage. You can order a range of products to suit your specific style needs that come with fire resistance.

Strength, Performance, & Durability

Even our regular doors that aren’t fire rated are built of high quality materials to offer high standards in protection against impact, wear and tear, and fire. If you want to ensure you have the best in fire protection, a fire rated door is the best option. No matter what doors you get from us, they are sure to live up to high standards of strength, performance, and durability.

Our internal fire doors are constructed to offer the best in fire protection without compromising on the appearance, so that your doors can be both safe and stunning. Our fire-rated engineered doors are built to last long, with thick veneers and solid oak lipping to ensure the highest level of protection. They even feature a thick, calcium silicate core meant to resist the impacts of fire damage.

FD30 Rating

We don’t take chances when it comes to safety, performance, or anything - frankly. Our doors are all fire rating, living up to FD30 ratings and standards to meet the strictest fire guidelines and to ensure proper protection and safety. While many doors will offer protection, having an FD30 rated fire door will be sure to give you the greatest level of protection and safety against fire damage.

This FD30 rating ensures that the doors will give you a 30 minute burn time, offering a buffer in an emergency situation which can offer much needed time for responders and potential escape. In the event of an emergency, this will not only help protect you, but also your home and belongings, giving responders more time to reduce the damage.

Never Compromise on Style

Despite valuing the best in quality, durability, and protection, we never compromise on style and design. We know that you care just as much about their appearance, style, and feel, whether they’re internal or external. We combine both function and form to give you the best doors possible.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can choose the best styles and designs to suit your home, but that you can get them fire rated. This will give you peace of mind and security of protection, letting you rest easy.

Free Delivery

We have a free delivery deal on now on any orders over £1000.00. This isn’t limited to our sale products, reduced products, or regular products. All of our products are included, even our fire rated doors. Take advantage of our delivery service to get matching products that work together to complete the appearance of your home.


On top of their FD30 rating, our fire rated doors are built using the highest quality materials in order to ensure that they of the highest standards in strength, durability, and protection.


Oak is one of the strongest woods used for construction. It’s sought after not just for its performance, but for its stunning appearance and ability to suit various styles, including classic, traditional, and modern. It offers an incredible finishing touch on any home.

Use a unique treatment on the natural oak wood in order to personalize the appearance of your internal or external doors, creating a unique look for your home.


Walnut doors are made from a gorgeous wood that will give you a traditional or contemporary style for your interior or exterior. The rich, deep color of the walnut wood grain looks sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant. They can come in a range of different styles, including panelled, Palermo, Kensington, and Seville. This gives you a wide range of decoration options to make sure you get the look just right!


If you plan on painting your door, we have a wide selection of primed doors. This makes them ideally suited to be painted right away upon delivery. They can be constructed from a variety of materials that enable the best in thickness, protection, and durability. You don’t have to compromise the appearance of your entranceway though, since you can paint it to match any design you want.

Choosing Fire Rated Doors

Picking a fire rated door is ideal if you’re concerned about safety and want the most protection against fire and smoke. These doors can be used as both external and interior doors. Ideal uses for them are for isolating certain rooms to give added protection against damages, such as a door for a bedroom or from the garage into the home.

With our certified FD30 door ratings, you’re sure to get the best in terms of fire and smoke protection! Come check out our collection at Internal Doors today and open the possibilities!

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