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More Info on External Doors...

External Doors

We know that your first impression is important and that it ‘opens the possibilities’ for your guests. You want an entrance that reflects your property and character, highlighting and emphasizing the features of your home.

Our doors are built using dowel joints and veneer that is thicker than standards to offer the highest standards of protection, security, and strength. Because of the high quality of these doors, they will resist impact, wear and tear, and weather damage. They will also help give you added security against intruders.

Strength & Durability

Unless indicated, our external doors are built using high quality standards and materials, using a hardwood core, in order to ensure the strength, durability, and performance of the doors. All of our external doors are constructed with strength and durability in mind, offering protection to stand up to impact, wear and tear, weather damage, and moisture, keeping the door in tip-top shape. On top of this, our doors all reflect the highest standards in appearance as well, making sure your entranceway looks incredible and stunning.

Affordable Products

Connecting our customers to the highest standards of external doors, we offer quality products at an affordable price. We don’t compromise on the integrity of our products despite reducing the costs and offering you them at an affordable cost. We employ the highest integrity during construction and distribution to make sure that your doors are delivered in the best condition.

Sizing and Fitting

We know how important the proper measurements and size of your door is to its fitting. This is important for not only getting the most charming look for your door, but also smooth operation. We offer our doors in a range of sizes and styles to fit your exterior entranceway and suit your needs.

Thicker and Stronger

On top of being fitted and sized properly for your entranceway, our external doors are built of materials thicker than industry standards to ensure not only the best in performance, but also the most freedom of customization. These doors can be trimmed and sized to fit your needs from the thickness that you get. If you want to keep the strength of the door, then keep it thick and maintain its performance.

We offer veneered doors too, increasing the protection, durability, and finish of your external doors. This will make sure they stand up well to the weather, wear and tear, and moisture your door may endure.

Traditional and Contemporary Styles

We know that your entrance needs to reflect your style and leave an incredible impression for your home. If you’re looking for a traditional country appearance, a rural cottage design, or a city apartment, we have something to suit your needs. Our team at Internal Doors knows how important variety is, which is why we offer a wide range of styles and designs for your external door configuration.


Our doors come unfinished so that you can create the unique finish that you want for your exterior doors. This gives you more control of the appearance of your door, allowing you to customize the look of your door. By offering different treatment options for your door, we give you multiple ways of finishing your door to suit the specific style you want.

We also have a number of door finishes that you can use to treat your unfinished door. Our selection includes oil, wax, and paint treatment options, allowing you to create a unique and personalized look for your door. For any of our finishing products, check out the different oils, waxes, and paints available for purchase here at Internal Doors.

Match With Our Architrave or Skirting

If you want to bring the appearance of your home’s exterior inside, adding architrave or skirting board to your home is a great way to do this. If you match architrave and skirting to your external doors, you can bring the outside look of your home inside. This can be used to create a unique appearance or tie your entire home together, highlighting characteristics of your home.

Add Door Hardware

Door furniture is a great way to complete a look throughout your home and add much needed character to your door. For an external door, adding more features can help create a more unique, creative appearance. Using specific levers, handles, knobs, and hinges will let you highlight character features and really create the traditional, contemporary, or modern look you want.

Here at Internal Doors, we love to open the possibilities for your home. If you’re looking for any external door configurations, contact us today!

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