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How To Protect Your External Oak Doors

Oak is a natural product which if left exposed will absorb moisture. Because of this, all of our doors must be treated before being hung whether they are internal or external doors. External doors are of course more at risk than those being hung inside. Whilst atmospheric moisture will be present in both indoor and outdoor environments, British weather can be harsh and as such we advise our customers to fit a canopy above their external door to cover both the door and the immediate surrounding area. Alternatively, your external door can be hung inside a porch but the door and immediate surrounding area must be kept dry at all times to prevent your door from experiencing mositure related defects.

In addition to the protection of a canopy, your external door should also be re-treated with a suitable product every six months. We highly recommend Impranol External Treatments which provide the highest level of protection as well as an enhanced aesthetic appearance for your door. For guidance on the size of canopy you should fit, please see our diagram below which will provide you with our suggested dimensions.*

*Internal Doors cannot be held accountable for any product which suffers moisture related defects whereby the customer has not followed the above mentioned guidelines for external door protection. The above dimensions are a guideline only and the required coverage may vary according to your specific environment. The door and its immediate surrounding area must be kept completely dry at all times.