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  1. White Primed internal door lining set
    Internal White Primed Door Lining Set
    In stock - Dispatch In 2 Working days
  2. White Primed Internal FD30 Fire Rated Door Frame Kit
    White Primed FD30 Fire Rated Door Frame
    In stock - Est. dispatch after 25th May

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Frames and Linings

Here at Internal Doors, we want to help you open the possibilities. That's why we offer a range of frames and linings for your door configuration, allowing you to complete a look and elevate the appearance of your doors. These frames make for an incredible entranceway, whether used on external or internal door.

Constructed from solid oak, our products offer strength, durability, and performance, all without sacrificing on creating a charming appearance. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look, our frames and linings will help make your doors draw the attention of your guests. They can help you complete a look, complement your door, and tie a room or your home together!

The Finest Wood

Our frames and linings are built using the best quality wood, cut from solid oak. They are made to last and stand up to regular wear and tear, allowing you to easily maintain the appearance of your interior. These will give your door the finishing touches and help you complete the look of your doors, rooms, and entire home!

The best time to do it is when you install your new doors, since you'll want them to match the doors you have. Don’t keep the worn door frame you have; update it with your door to create a stunning new entranceway for your interior.

Available Products

We feature a few different internal door options. The Door Frame Lining Set Solid Oak is made of solid oak and will give you a stunning frame for your door. It will help ensure that your door is properly aligned and will make hanging your door much easier. It can fit a range of different widths, featuring movable stoppers in order to allow you to adjust the fit for the best position. We also sell the Door Frame Double Lining Set Solid Oak, which is a double door sized model.

Both of these solid oak door frame linings come unfinished so that you can match the finish to that of your door, architrave, and mouldings. If you’d like, we have a range of product types (oils, waxes, and paints) to give you customization over your door's finish!

We also carry Door Frame Lining Set Veneered Oak Prefinished, which offer strong durability and performance with their FSC certified board core. This product is easy and convenient to fit to your door frame, allowing you to line it properly and provide much needed protection and style.

If you're in need of an external door frame to help offer a stunning look, added insulation, and increased performance, then you may be interested in the External Solid Oak Door Frame and Aquamac Seal. It is designed to offer an elegant frame to your external door and create a charming, beautiful entrance to your home. It comes unfinished so that you can use a treatment that matches the style and design of your existing doors.

The Aquamac door seal gives you the added benefit of proper insulation, which will not only keep your home warm, but will save you on energy bills in the process. Getting a door frame will therefore not only offer a great appearance, but also added cost benefits.

Match with Our Architrave

Whether you’re looking to create a new look or match your frames and linings to your architrave, mouldings, and doors, frames will give you added control over your appearance. It lets you create a unique and elevated appearance for your home, tying your room - and entire home - together.

Complete Your Interior Design

Getting a beautiful lining and door frame is ideal for completing the look of your interior, adding a unique style, and tying the appearance of your home together. Create a whole new look or match it to the doors and mouldings you already have! Open the possibilities today by ordering at Internal Doors!