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More Info on Door Finishes...

Oils, Waxes, and Paints

Coating your internal doors is the best way to not only give the best protection and performance for your doors, but also create a unique, customized appearance as well. We offer a range of high quality, naturally produced products that allow you to protect your door from weather, moisture, and wear and tear. We have a variety of different options, including oils, waxes, and paints to choose from to customize not only your quality, but appearance as well.

Quicky Drying Treatment

On top of being high-quality products that will last long and will remain durable, our oils, waxes, and paints are fast-drying products. This ensures that you can quickly apply your protective products and have them working the next day. This way you can just enjoy your doors’ performance and appearance without needing to worry about their protection.

Weather and Moisture Protection

The products that we offer are of the highest quality and condition. They will help offer protection against weather, wear and tear, and moisture. They will last long and stand up to anything that the door will have to endure, keeping it in good quality and condition for a long period of time.

By providing the best protective coating options, we ensure that your doors are able to resist against moisture and water damage, keeping them in good condition and shape. They will hold up to moisture and resist warping, making sure that your doors last long and maintain their quality appearance.

Environmental Impact

Our protective products, including oils, waxes, and paints, are all made with environmental impact in mind. That’s why we use natural products that contain natural ingredients, minimizing the negative impact these have on the environment without compromising the performance of the coatings.

On top of the environmental benefits of these products, the natural ingredients help offer the best quality while reducing the odour of the products. These will be relatively neutral and odourless, making sure that they serve to offer the protection you need and nothing else.

Different Types of Finishes

In order to provide the best variety and quality, we offer a range of different protective products for your doors. We supply products from leading manufacturers in the industry, including Treatex, Impranol, and Osmo to make sure that your treatment will look incredible and offer the durability and longevity you need.

All of these options provide protective properties, while also enhancing the appearance of your doors and allowing you to create a unique look and feel. No matter what you choose, you will want to apply a protective finish to your door in order to help maintain the quality and lifespan of your door. The actual protective coating you choose - oil, wax, or paint - will be more dependent on your style and design intentions than anything else.

Free Samples

In order to let you try out our products, we offer samples of some of our treatment products so that you can see the high quality of the brand and pick the finish that you want. This will make sure that you’re happy with your decision and are able to really compare the different options at hand, as well as check the quality of the products before committing.

Our Unfinished Doors

Here at Internal Doors, we open the possibilities for your home. Many of our doors come unfinished so that you can choose the appropriate finish in terms of both performance and appearance. This gives you the freedom to create the customized and personalized appearance you want for the inside of your home while making sure you provide the best protection possible.

Finishing your own door also gives you a productive and interesting way to spend your time, allowing you to feel good about your contribution to the finished product. As you enjoy your internal doors, you’ll be reminded of how you helped make their appearance happen.

Choosing the Finish

Picking the right finish for your doors will ultimately come down to the level of protection you want and the appearance or style you prefer. In the end, there is no right or wrong answer; you have to go with what you like the best. Balance the cost, performance, and appearance of our oils, waxes, and paints in order to get the best product for your door!

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